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My husband made me a biting fly trap,( similar to Epps biting fly traps.) We had gotten the 

instructions from the FarmShow magazine.  I have had it up for about two weeks

hoping in would catch a lot more flies.  

Has anyone made one of these and had any luck in catching flies 

Thsi traps is made with black cloth, t-post, plexiglass and soapy water in a pail.

Thanks a lot;.

Suzie Farrell

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I never used a trap but put up the sticky tapes.  I'm changing them every few weeks as they won't hold anymore fly's.....

I do use the sticky tapes which do work well. I am trying to eliminate flies  in the corral area which for some reason are really bad this year. I use SimpliFly to my feed and that help the eggs from hacking but fortunately for me my horses don't poop in he corral.

Have any ideas on how to eliminate birds from the barn. Cats don't work because they end up being house cats. I have tried the owls, birds of prey continous play cd, hung old cds, foil pans, rubber snakes.

You name it I have tried it, other than bird shot or bb's and I really hate doing either of those but at my wits end on the bird nest and bird poop.

I thank you for your reply.  

Suzie Farrrell



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