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My husband wants to go to Big South Fork to ride and take fall leaf pictures Oct 22-25th. We will be staying at Timber Ridge Horse Camp if anyone is interested in joining us. Maybe by then this wet weather pattern will be over! Timber Ridge does have a couple of cabins if you don't want to camp and don't have a live in trailer. Hope to see some of you there!

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Great Audra! Are you coming to Timber Ridge? That would be awesome to have other folks from here to ride with. Hope to see ya then!

Tim Portice and I were wanting come up and do a day ride with you guys. What time do you usually get started out on your ride and what type riding will you be doing? Is it a rowdy bunch?
Hey Keith, we looked for you Saturday...we figured the ugly cloudy weather kept you home. We rode some anyway, not too long, but had a great ride anyway. Now Sunday...what a gorgeous day! We did a 6 hour ride with a group who had been on the trails before. We rode down the O&W trail where it bordered a creek that was so beautiful! I will post some pics tomorrow. Sorry we missed you, maybe next time.
yeah we let the weather hold us back. We stayed close to home. We rode Sunday at Frozen Head State Park in Morgan County. Its a beautiful place to ride. We regret not going to Timber Ridge. Its on our list of places to go for sure. We are hoping to get a few more rides in before the weather turns to cold. Maybe we will have some other chances to ride together.
Hey Keith, how cold is too cold?
I don't guess it really ever gets to cold. I have a pair of carhartts! We usually ride right through. About the only thing that slows me down from riding is hunting! Of course hunting season is here, but I'm itching for a ride!
Well we are back from the Big South Fork and we loved it! The weather sucked most of the weekend, my alternator went out on my truck on the way, but Sunday was gorgeous and we rode for 6 hours with another group. Wayne didn't get any real fall leaf pictures but I have some pretty stream pictures from the O&W trail that I haven't posted yet. If you are in or close to Jamestown and have car trouble, go see David at D&L Car Repair on Fairgrounds road. He knew we were from out-of-town and could have really charged us a bundle, but he put on a new alternator and a new serpentine belt for less than $300 and in less than 2 hours!! We were thrilled! Also, Dee and Lee at Timber Ridge were wonderful hosts, could not ask for nicer people. They were very concerned about us and worried we weren't having a good time when the weather was nasty, but we did have a good time and made several short rides, too. This place is very nice and super clean. The barn is well kept (multiple water hydrants, wheel barrows, good drainage around barn, etc) and well lighted. I really liked that Timber Ridge is off the main road and BSF trails are right across the road. I had intended on trying other places in the area, but now I don't know if I will bother...Timber Ridge is my kind of place! We can't wait to go back.


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