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My husband wants to go to Big South Fork to ride and take fall leaf pictures Oct 22-25th. We will be staying at Timber Ridge Horse Camp if anyone is interested in joining us. Maybe by then this wet weather pattern will be over! Timber Ridge does have a couple of cabins if you don't want to camp and don't have a live in trailer. Hope to see some of you there!

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Awesome Adrienne! I will be at True West that same weekend. Maybe we will see you on the trails. I like to ride the White Oak and the O&W railroad.

I know some in our group have gone recently and are wanting to explore some other areas. Can you ride out into BSF from Timber Ridge, or do you have to trailer out?
Hello Bertie,
This is Dee from Timber Ridge, in answer to your question, yes you ride right from your campsite, there is miles and miles of trails right here so there is no need to trailer. You can tack your horse at your campsite and we are also providing free fire wood this year!!! There are three trail heads here that leave the campground and we border the Big South Fork so you ride approximatley 100 yards from our barn and you are in the Big South Fork. Stop in and visit us while you are in the area, we will put a fresh pot of coffee on!!! Have a safe and wonderful weekend.
hey Lee, Free Firewood? That would sure free up some room in my truck for other stuff! Thanks! See ya Thursday!
Oh cool! I will try to pinpoint exactly where each place is located and maybe we can pick a particular trail to meet on. I prefer to ride with someone who is familiar with the trails. Hope to see ya there!
Hello Adrienne, Are you all still planning a trip to Timber Ridge this weekend? Tim and I were going to try to come up and ride with you all.
Hey Keith, yes we are still going! I am sooo excited! We are going Thursday and will stay till Sunday. We have a dirty white 2001 Ford F150 4x4 (can't miss us!). What day and time do you think you'll be there? My husband is not a morning person, so don't worry about getting there at the butt crack of dawn. See ya whenever!
Oh Keith, I forgot to say we have a burgandy (wine?) colored 2 horse bumper pull to go with that dirty white F150. See ya Saturday?
Hello Adrienne, I'm a little new to this site but I was just speaking to a friend of mine Keith Phillips who is also a memeber. We were talking about maybe planning to come up there for just a day ride like on Saturday if this would be all right? I guess I would also need to ask how we would go about locating you guys once we get there?
Hello Tim,
You can come right here to Timber Ridge for your day ride. We have a large parking area that we do not charge for. You are welcome to use our facilitites including the wash racks without any charge as well. We have some wonderful trails here and you will locate Adrienne easily that way. Your day ride will not cost you here!!! If you choose to come here for your day ride stop in and see us!!!
Why thanks for the invite my friend. It almost sounds like a deal we can't pass up!! My friend and i will try our best to make it up there, we look forward to riding with yall.
Well, you could ask for us at the office when you get there, I will let them know you are coming. Or you could just look for a white F150 4x4. I have a bumper sticker that says "My kids think I'm an ATM" and one on my tailgate that says "My other 4x4 has legs" as well as one that says "Silly cowboys, trucks are for girls" Can't be too many folks with that combo...We''ll be looking for ya! Do you have any idea about what time you will be getting there? I can't wait!
hey i think thats the weekend were going up also. we may cya there also.


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