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Hi all   I am looking into renting a cabin at BSF.   I found one that says "Spruce Creek Trail next to cabin leads into the BSF trail system - no need to trailer".     Any of you who have been there  have an opinion about this?

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We have rented a beautiful log home at www.laurelfork.com It was great. At the time I rented a horse and rode with a group, but I believe you could ride directly from the house to the trails.
Give me a call, I've rode all of that part of BSF. 931-580-8654
Spruce Creek is an equestrian community and as such is very horse friendly. There are several nice rental cabins. From Spruce Creek to the Cumberland Vally Trailhead is approximately an hour ride along beautiful trails. There are several different trails that end up at the Cumberland Valley Trailhead. You can also ride out of Spruce Creek to other trailheads in the park. Hope this helps,
Happy Trials, Stephanie
Stephanie - were the trails from Spruce Creek to BSF wooded, open, roads?
Mainly wooded. There is one section where you ride on a gravel road for maybe a quarter mile at the most. It's a dead end road and no traffic, other than residents. As you come out of the woods there is a great creek to water the horses and then the gravel road.
Timber Ridge Horse Campground has cabin rentals. They have access to miles and miles of trails. There are three trail heads that leave the camp. There is no need to trailer.
It has been probably 8, or so, years ago that my husband and I rented a cabin in Spruce Creek Acres. At that time, the trail to reach the main trails was quite long. We had to ride the same trail out and back each day. We ride quarter horses and don't get in any hurry, so that got old really quick for us. I am sure it would not be quite the same with gaited horses. That is one thing you might want to ask about, though, if you haven't already.
Hope you have a GREAT trip!
Spruce Creek is great and you can ride in 3 different directions on trails from that location. True West has a cabin and large motel like room they rent and Saddle Valley has a nice cabin we have rented often. Just google search; True West Campground and Saddle Valley Campground. Laurel Fork is really nice and in that same area. I have not stayed there but ridden by many times. No matter where you stay to do some of the trails without riding all day you will need to trailer. It is my favorite place next to New Mexico. Most people there are very helpful, just ask and they will get you on the right trail.
True West is a good place to stay. It is clean and the owners are very nice. It is an easy ride to the Cumberland Valley Trail Head and many other trails.
we stay at spruce creek stables great place they have shaded areas to true west i found not so nice no shade really and i didnt think the owners were all that pleasant wont stay anywhere else since staying at spruce creek stables owners are awesome people and you can ride spruce creek loop trail proctor ridge trail wild cat den trail and many more just from spruce creek or you can ride to the cumberland trail head about 45 mins to 1 to trail head from spruce creek but you can trailer down behind the hitchin post to the trail head and once you get to the trail head their are all kinds of different trails you will enjoy it nice trails some are mod and some are rough we love it there. if you are up to a long ride go from spruce creek to cumberland trail head go on the trail to the o&w bridge beautiful ride but it is long about 7hours total unless you trail down to trail head what is the name of the cabin where you will be staying in at spruce creek i have a friend that owns property there she may know about the cabin sorry reply so long
Wisperwood Cabin - Thanks Vicky - this is what I had gathered from looking at the maps! We are excited and really looking forward to it!
when are you planning on going we went in may and we will be going back the end of july sept oct and nov


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