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Hello everyone!! We are going to BSF the first week in May. We are going to stay at the Kicking Back Cabin. This will be our first time to the area. I was wondering if anyone can tell me some of the best trails. I'm looking for senic trails like waterfalls, creek crossings, ridges, that kind of stuff. Ohh and one more thing, I have seen pictures of horses crossing a long, high bridge. Does anyone know where that is located? Where is the best place to get a really good map? Thanks and sorry for all of the questions!!!

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Hi Frank,
Stop buy Timber Ridge while you are in, we can show you some great trails with the scenes you are wanting, the bridge you refer to is the O & W. We also have great maps that are new and the most current.
We were going to stay at Timber Ridge but then some friends wanted to go so the cabins wouldn't of been big enough. You guys have a very good reputation. Thanks.
You can ride the Cumberland Valley Trail. The long high bridge (O & W Bridge) that you were asking about is on the Cumberland Valley Trail (about a 23 mile loop). It is real nice and it forks off to several other trails. You can also ride the Station Camp Creek Trail. It goes down by Charit Creek Lodge and then on to Station Camp Creek and back around to Bandy Creek, this is also a nice trail. Maps will be at most stores and campgrounds around BSF. I hope this helps.
The O& W is one of my favorite trails and you can ride to it from Spruce Creek or trailer to the Cumberland Valley Trail Head just down the road. The bridge is on the bottom of this trail, just follow the river as far as you can and then the trail will cross the river and the bridge is there. People are friendly and helpful there at Spruce Creek, just ask the neighbors or other riders for help. I also like to cross the road from Spruce Creek and do the yellow face trail loop. You can also trailer to Bandy Creek and ride down to the river. Lots of beautiful areas and possibilities.
Hi Linda, are you going to go to the Women on the Edge ride in June? Wayne and I have been to BSF once last October, but it rained several days so we only had one day of really good riding. I want to do the O&W trail and go over the bridge, too! Hope you can go (I promise I won't have to borrow a pad this time!).


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