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Hello Everyone, I am new here to the site and trail riding. I found a new love in my life...Horses...My husband and I are very new to riding. We have been trying to get going for 3 years. He had a horse I didn't and I would have to ride someone elses and so on. But we finally have 2 horses that we can ride that we have been working with for a few months and feel comfortable to venture out beyong our farm. I would like some advice on some good starting trails for us. You know easy and mostly flat would be great. As we are new and are horses need to be built up to harder trails too. We are all new to trail riding lol..

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I am in watertown...I am 25 miles from Lebanon..25 miles from Murfreesboro and 15 from woodbury
Warner Parks is a good place to start, as is Bowie Park in Fairview....all the trails are well marked and easy to ride. If it rains, Bowie is closed to horses, but Warner Parks; is always open, rain, sleet, snow...always. I've been riding for several years, but am still a novice. Please do not hesitate to go to these two wonderful parks to ride! Patty Milburn
There is a ride at Bowie Park this coming sunday @ 2pm, this is organized by Josh Guin @ Crossroads Ranch in Nolesville www.crossroadshorse.com, there are 2 levels, the green team for less experienced riders and the advanced team, both will have trail guides who will be doing different training commands during the ride to condition your horse to more than just walking behind another !! Joshs phone number is 615 818 7101 if you need more information, he is also a great trainer and rescued my confidence for me after i had a bad fall in 06, i dont think i would of persued my dream if it had not been for Josh and all the help he gave me, and still does, if you are new to trail riding this would be a great start off for you, hope you make it there- Belinda
Thank you so much. I think we will try to make it to this. It sounds like exactly what we need to get started-Angie
Hi Angie, welcome to the site! Bowie Nature park is a very easy ride...all flat wide trails, no real steep hills or drop offs, etc. It is a great place to start with a green horse or green rider. I don't know what places there are that are close to you...I think there is a park called Cedars of Lebanon, but I have not been there. I am sure some of the other people on here that are closer to you can give you a heads up about places to go in your area. If not you are welcome to come over here to my area (Williamson/Maury/Hickman counties) we ride the Natchez Trace, on the property where we board, at friends' places, Many Cedars, and Why Not ranch. We are planning on going to Circle E soon, which I think is a little closer to you, I don't know about the trails there, haven't been yet.
land between the lakes is great for beginners if your wanting to camp for the weekend. def. nothing hard there!
There are horse trails at Twin Forks near Murfreesboro, and also trails at Cedars of Lebanon. Cedars of Lebanon trails are sandy and flat.
Angela and Mark, Welcome! If you live in the Franklin/Nashville/Fairview area, Bowie Park is a good place to ride. Wide, easy trails, can't remember anything being hard...also, Warner Parks, very easy and makes a great 2-4 hour ride, depending upon which trails you choose. I've been riding for several years, but still consider myself a novice. Good Luck, Patty Milburn
Hi Angela. I would like to invite you and Mark to the ride we are having at Cedar Stone Farm in Bon Aqua, TN.

It will be a great ride for you. My 9 year old will be riding and I'm gonna pony my 6 year old. I put it on the event page, the discussion forum, and the blog LOL! I couldn't figure out exactly what I needed to do so I just covered all my basis.

Hope to see you guys! Call (931) 670-1001 for reservations.
Fountain Creek/Duck River/Yanhali in Maury Co. is a really good start. Take I 65 to exit 37/hwy 50 and go toward Columbia 4 miles. Sign Duck River Trail system on right. You can find maps on TWRA, click on GPS maps, then WMA maps, then Region II. Scroll down to horse trail maps. I did not see where you live but the Maury Co Mounted MInistry rides posted on this site are also a good start.
Blessings, and Happy Trails,
Cedars of Lebanon is all flat, but very rocky(flat rock). If you every need someone to ride with, let me know, I live in Lebanon.


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