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THP and DOT were on 127 N. Friday, checking weight and tags on all trucks and trailers. They had troopers along the highway making sure no one turned around. One of our friends got a fine over $400. They said it was not a ticket, the cost of the tags is a tax, based on the weight, so even though it's not a ticket, he has to get the right tags, and pay over $400. Be sure to check your rig! it is your responsibility to make sure you are legal.

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How is that displayed on the tag?? My truck has Emergency tags on it?? Do they just go by the size of the truck then?
Iv'e never heard of that tag law...... I didn't even think they offerred different tags????? Our truck is rated for about 20,000#'s. I know I have a "regular" tag.
Well, when we bought our trailer in 2004 we were told the law had changed and all trailers now required a tag. I have heard since then that horse trailers do NOT need a tag. BUT, due to all the conflicting information and lack of knowledge about the actual law (including from the officers pulling us over!!), we got a tag. A lifetime Semi tag was $100. Well worth the potential aggrivation.


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