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I wondered if anyone knows what is going on with Bandy Creek Stables. I left two messages Monday morning asking if there were stalls available for this weekend and no one ever called me back, so I left another message Monday afternoon, and this is Wednesday and I still haven't heard from them. We have now made reservations at another camp, but just wondered about them.

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We called also several times and no answer. I noticed on the website for the new facility in Crossville that it listed Bobby and Gretta as the Managers. We are wondering if anyone is operating the BSF stables this year.
Could you post the website for the new campground in Crossville? I haven't been able to find it.
You can come to Saddle Valley, and ride the same trails that you can ride from Bandy Creek, plus the stables are close to your campsite. We have a very clean bath house. Check out our website, www.saddlevalleycampground.com
The website is "under construction" but it does have contact numbers for Bobby Gene and Greta York.
Here is Bobby Gene's cell number.

Bobby Gene York
(931) 397-1680
Thanks Stephanie for the info on Greta and Bobby. Greta called me this afternoon.
What's the scoop?
In the past, we've gone and camped, used the stalls and never saw anyone. Just put money in the mailbox at front door.


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