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Some friends of mine were riding last Saturday, Oct 10th with a group of people from The Keg County Cowboys camp on Mill Creek Rd. They told me that it was a nice ride on Old Mill Creek Rd, which is an old public chert road, crossing the creek several times. We decided to ride it yesterday and it is really a nice ride. One gentleman on the ride told my friends that when the chert road came to the RR tracks, you could go left down the tracks for a ways and either a gasline or power line to the left would make the ride into a loop. We all like loops better than turning around and going back the same way, so we took his advice. " WRONG", I don't know if he was pulling a prank or what, but the directions were wrong. To keep from giving the details, and sounding more foolish, let's just say it ruined our ride. We ended up in the little town of Nunnelly and we didn't want to go back down the RR, so we had to get help from some of the local folks to go and get our trailer.

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Hello!! Hate to hear you had a bad ride... There is a way to make a loop off of the rr tracks. You've got to go off the rr tracks into the woods for a while and then you go down the power line and come back to mill creek road then back to camp. Maybe one weekend you should come make the loop with us.


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