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Do we have any members that are in Phoenix or anywhere in Arizona?

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We have two members from Arizona, Frank Turben with the Extreme Cowboy Association and Kim Tunze. To see for yourself (or to send them a message) you have two options: 1) click on MEMBERS in the main menu, then in the search window type in "AZ", then click "enter" or on "search". The search will identify all members who have an "AZ" in their profile. You can do the same for "Phoenix" but you will not find any members with that in their profile, or 2) do a detailed search: click on MEMBERS, click on ADVANCED SEARCH, type in "AZ" the field that allows you to search by "City, State", click enter. You will still find two members from Arizona: Scottsdale & Tucson.

You can find almost anything very easily by using the search and advanced search functions.

Cheers and happy trails,
Thanks Mike, going to Phoenix on Sat. used to live there. How are you doing????? Are your knees doing well and are you back in the saddle?
I lived in both Tucson and Phoenix for 5 yrs. but moved to TN in 2006.........miss the sun!
I lived in Phoenix for a long time before I moved to Shelbyville. Im going back on Saturday to visit my mom. Thanks for the reply!


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