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I recently went horse looking/shopping. I was looking at a Rocky Mountain Gelding and the guy that had him also had a little grey gaited mare. After riding her 5 minutes around his yard, I was in love!
Very, very smooth gait. After we made a deal, he whispers to me that this little mare is half Arabian. The thought never occured to me, but now that I look at her, I see it. My local vet asked me why I bought an Arabian as soon as he saw her. Guess he's smarter than me.....
Anyway, this is an awesome little mare and may take over top spot in my riding horses after this past weekend of trail riding.
Does anyone else have any experience with this cross?

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My favorite horse, and the best horse I have ever owned is an Arab/saddlebred cross.
I think my little mare is well on her way to being a favorite. She is so willing and wonderful to ride.
Do you still have yours?
it's like flipping a penny wether you'll get good gait out of a cross between gaited and non gaited, some end up wonderful and some are totally ungaited, while some may be partual, only gaited with special training or under certain circumstances. It's not worth doing as an intentional cross looking for gait, better off breeding something that's got better genes for gait. But otherwise half arabs are usually very good horses.
I own a half Arab/appendix QH cross gelding and he is, by far, the best horse I own. The only complaint I have about Arabs is that some are hot blooded to the point that they act before they think. The Arab mares that I have been around are MOODY, too. Quite honestly, it gives them personality. They are very loyal, always ready to RUN, and hardy as the day is long. Given a choice, I would choose an Arab over another horse, any day.
Lots of folks do this cross on purpose-they can be registered as National Show Horse. Great combination for endurance!
Thanks Jackie, I did not know this. I now have something new to look up on the internet while I'm supposed to be working :) How cool is that! I have a National Show Horse. Awesome. Took her to Buffalo River Trail Ride this weekend and everyone was trying to buy her from me. I just keep smiling and saying, "Not for Sale".
What a great little girl, she was perfect all weekend and so sure footed!
I am so glad to hear you found your perfect horse!
Yes I got friend that had one very willing and good Endurance horse. So just ride him and enjoy. They are sturdy and good mix. Hers came from Kentucky just tell you friend you wanted someting total different.
If you bought this mare in Minor Hill, I think I bought the little Rocky Mountain gelding. He is coming along fine, although his gait needs some work and he had some trust issues.
I did buy her in Minor Hill! Glad to hear that Rocky has a good home also. We will have to ride together sometime and see if they remember each other.
I'm not really good at working on thier gaits, so I didn't get him. He is so pretty. I'm glad he got my attention and lead me to Arianne. Her pic on Craigslist didn't do her justice. I'm afraid I wouldn't have made the drive if it hadn't been for your new gelding looking so good.
She had a few trust issues too at first (hard to catch, ear pinning, etc...), one turn around the round pen and a camping trip bonded us up real well.
Good luck with him and I hope he makes you as happy as she made me!
I am afraid the jury is still out on this little guy. He is pretty and seems to have some training back there somewhere. I got his shots and Coggins and the vet aged him at 7 years. He is very fearful of people. He runs when I go into the field and when I get him cornered he trembles and leans away from my hand. I have been working with him daily and have made little progress. On the other hand once he is under saddle, he is not spooky, he seems to understand leg aids and neck reins. On my way home from picking him up someone gave me a SSH gelding 5 years old unbroke, and very thin. Unfortunately I can only keep one of them and I am afraid it is going to be quite awhile before either is ready to go to a new home, probably well into winter.. Both have a lot of potential.
I am kind of leaning toward keeping the ssh, just based on disposition and natural gait. And also the fact that the Rocky will be more sale able once I get through this fear/ lack of respect issue.


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