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Hi I was wondering if there were any other women riders that ride without their husbands or someone who just wants to go on this ride? I have a two horse trailor and only one horse to haul.. So I could pick someone up on the way.. Please just let me know.. tncharm1@bellsouth.net

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Where is the trail ride?
did you go on the ride?
yes I went..it was great... didnt have any real steep hills... in the woods, pastures.. very very little roads, we only crossed 2 roads... it was great
glad to hear you had a great time gale.it seemed to be a good turn out
I think they had like100 to 150 riders..lots of people got lost... the leaders got lost a couple of times... it was kinda funny...but we all got back safely..it was really a good ride.. I will definitely go back for the May ride...I dotn know if we are gonna go to buck snort this weekend.. callign for rain
yeah a few people wouldnt listen to the leaders(like usual group rides). they would just tear out to wherever..lol. we tried really hard to have the trail marked well,but with so many riders there, its hard to keep up w/ everybody. people were still showing up at 2:00.! we had to wait on them to get everything together. ive heard the 200 number,so im glad the ffa did well... were not going to bucksnort,wanted to but work over rules..by the way,did you go to the horse show sat night?you look fimilar to me...
NO I didnt go to the horse show.. I left right after I got back... husband doesnt ,like me to go, but .. you know how that goes.. I had a really really good time at the ride.. will definitely go again as long as the trail stays the way it is... there were 2 steep hills that kinda scared me,, but I made it... my horse is clusmy as the dickens... but it was a great ride.
Glad you had a good ride! I'm like you, my husband doesn't ride either. And some of my friend's also have husbands that don't ride, guess it's a girl thing, LOL!
WHERE do you live Debra? do you live near me? I live in Summertown
I live in Dickson, Tn. It's about 40 miles west of Nashville, off of I40. Not sure where Summertown is (heads off to find map....)

Looks like you are about an hour from me, that's not bad. Did you go to Mule Day in Columbia?
no I decided not to go this year.. I had a campsite and stalls.. and still didnt go... just got boring going by myself


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