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Is anyone planning to ride this weekend in or around the Franklin area, it looks like great weather, let me know

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Where do you want to ride and for how long! I'm ready!!

Ok, where are you located ??? I am in college Grove, Nr Franklin and Eagleville, i am having friends over for dinner sat night, but we could do an early, as long as i am home by about 3pm OR sunday i am open, let me have your thoughts- thanks Belinda
I'm west of Nashville=Percy Warner Park or Natchez Trace trails sound good to you? Early Saturday is better for me too, going to the Cowboy Ball Saturday night!
OK, i have hit a road block for Saturday, my son just reminded me that he is going to Leipers fork with our truck on saturday to bushog a pc of land we have there, we have actually sold it and this is one of the stipulations of sale, so the truck will not be available, are you off in the week, i am off every Friday also , let me know- Belinda
my work schedule can change day to day but if you can be flexible too I can let you know Thursday night about next Friday
Belinda, can you make it Sunday AM at Percy Warner?
Hey Jackie, where is the Cowboy Ball?
Sorry Mike, it was this past Saturday (11/7) at the Loveless Barn. Great cause, good food and company and entertainment. I'll post it in events next year-it's annual but the date floats around as does the location.
sounds good if I can get my family moving by then-might even convince my husband or daughter to come for a change! Blue Chevy truck, gray no name stock trailer, either bay tobiano or gray horse (both if others come)
Ok, where were you? we got there at 0830, 1st truck in the lot-rode out at 9 and had a wonderful ride! Lots of trailers when we got back but still didn't see you. Maybe next time...
I will TRY and make it by 8am, dont want to hold anyone up, carry on without me if not- black GMC sierra, Silver Ponderosa 3 Slant, chestnut white blaze or Bay Draft X- this is like Code- Belinda


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