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Anyone looking for a Barefoot Farrier in College Grove Area?

I recently hired Stronghorse Church to be my farrier. He has been studying with Jim Apple and is very, very good and reasonably priced. I have hired him to come out to College Grove to trim my horse and two others. Currently, he travels from Ashland City, so he is having to charge a small trip charge. I told him I would reach out on this site to see if anyone in the College Grove, Chapel Hill, Franklin area is looking for a barefoot farrier that would be interested in getting on his schedule so that he can build his business.

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I would be interested if he doesn't insist on coming every 4 weeks like Jim Apple. I just can't commit to that schedule and be able to guarantee that I can afford getting it done exactly every 4 weeks. If he is more flexible and willing to come on my schedule, then I would be interested. My horses are boarded in Bon Aqua, just outside of Dickson.
Well Jim Apple trims my horses every 4 weeks and there is ALWAYS something to take off! As a matter of fact he had to reschedule this week and I can see my horses need trimming. My horses are not pasture potatoes, they live on 40 acres of what I lovingly call a rock garden that is hilly and are out 24/7. The one most in need of trimming is the one I ride the most-an endurance horse that goes barefoot, no boots.
In my opinion, barefoot is something you do for the health of your horse, not because it is cheaper or more convenient than shoeing. I did shoe my endurance horse, he never lost a shoe and went 8 weeks in between-yes it was cheaper, he was not lame but his feet did not look near as good as they do now and he really started gaiting better, muscling up, and doesn't slip on pavement and rocks after I took hom barefoot. Too long between trims and you are asking for flares, white line separation, potential gravel working in and abcess-not to mention a sore horse that "just can't go barefoot".
I didn't mean to imply that a four week schedule is not necessary, just that I can't guarantee that my budget and pay schedule is going to coincide with a four week schedule. If I don't have the money, then I don't have the money, end of story. My house note, utilities, groceries, and gas have to come first, not to mention 2 teenagers starting college this fall. So I need a farrier that isn't so rigid about my trimming schedule. I don't keep my horses barefoot because it's cheaper...I do it because I think it is better for them. So don't jump to judge someone or offer your opinion when you don't know the circumstances. Just my opinion...
Not jumping on or judging you or anyone else in particular, just explaining why a regular trim schedule is important. I do think going too long between trims does cause some people to think their horses can't go barefoot for the reasons I mentioned earlier. Certainly did not mean to offend you or anyone else. I surely understand about budgeting as I have all the bills you mention and more, and I do agree barefoot is better. My opinion was based on what's best for the horse in general, not one owner in specific.
Adrienne- I talked with Strong Horse yesterday and he said he would be intested in talking with you to see if you could work out a schedule. I would be happy to give you his phone number if you'd like.

I am glad he is doing a good job! He is not your typical 17 year old, thats for sure..........

Now I insist that if you have any questions about anything or if I can help in any way to make sure that your horses have the best feet ever, feel free to call or email me at any time.

Jim Apple


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