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I have been to 2 places. I was very disappointed. One place didn't even have water in a single stall, every bucket bone dry. Two feet deep manure. Another the trainer was mentioning some "methods" for a hard to handle mule he was working with. Am I just too picky?  The horses at both places had bleeding sores from bits, and two colts at the one place looked very gaunt. This is frustrating.

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defiantly not good trainers.

I just visited a breeding/training farm in FL and it is a well run place with well cared for horses, even though the current trainer isnt doing it like I would, they just havn't educated themselves in training throughly enough.
Good horse trainers are hard to find and no you aren't picky. It's your horse and it's you're money so you should get what you pay for. If the horses aren't fed well that are already there, that's a sure sign yours won't be either.

Email me privately and I will tell you my own experiences.
I just will not send one of my horses to a place I think they will be mishandled. We rode Ally a few days ago, and she did great. She knows nothing yet, but better strated right than poor training that will take years to fix.
As I've watched dozens of horse shows (mostly big single breed shows) and watched what goes on in the horse industry over the last 20+ years Good training is the biggest lack I see, and that's in spite of all the traveling horse training clinicians that attract big crowds. Which is partly why I decided to pursue training knowledge, even though I'm not planning on doing it for hire. Only one way to make sure it's done right, Do it myself.
Actually it's best if we train our own horses, since every person works their cues a little different, sometimes a trainer and owner can be so different as to confuse the horse. And knowing training technique helps in general riding as well, prevents problems from arising and helps to solve them when they do. Training a horse from nothing to a good trail horse is as interesting and enjoyable as riding the trail after they're trained, actually more enjoyable. Looking backwards I can see who gave me the best info, it was Marv Walker. Wish I could have started with him because once I heard his lectures and demos, all the other training teachers made more sense. Second place would be Clint Anderson.
I have started her training myself. Big question now... I work 48 hour shifts. Do you think working her 2 times a week will be enough? I am not in a hurry, and am confident in my skills (for my own purposes, lol). I don't have a round pen, but never have started a colt in a pen anyway. Honest opinions please...
it'll work. once ya teach them something they won't forget it. For most horses the 'round penning" can be done on the end of a rope. Marv demonstrates it, and clint does too. The only exception is one who will really protest giving in and letting us be herd boss, then it gets dangerous if yer too close. Similar to lunging but with an understanding of herd social system maneuvers we can use it to teach them "I'm herd boss" and "I'll keep you safe" (with various scary things, I use a chain saw without bar, firecrackers, noisy tarp, etc.) Then just get em yealding to pressure with stop and go right and left controls, get accustomed to the tack, and then ride. Enough ground work and riding will go easy. If yer uneasy with that step having someone lead while another rides is an easy way to get started.
Well, Ally has been doing so good. I thought we would stop where she became uneasy, and go back to what she was comfortable with. Lol, we stopped after a nice little trail ride! She backs nicely, is giving to one rein stops and turns, and learned how to move out with a little coaching. We crossed two creeks, several ditches, had just a couple spooks, but so amazing for a green horse. Passed barking dogs, trash cans, even a mule dragging a tire, with a small spook lol! Just knowing I will have the patience with her and she can go at her pace makes me feel better!
glad shes doing good, most of them are easy enough to get em going.


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