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Hello- was wondering if anyone out there ever had their horses get a hock injection? IF so Why? Did it help?

  I have a new horse the Ghost Buster, the previous owner stays in contact with me. She say's every year prior to show season they got his hock or hock's injected. Seems common with padded TWH. 

  I called the TN Equine Hospital and made us an appointment to get this done Saturday morning. Yes, we're also taking the entire gang to get the deal on the coggins.


Let me know if you have this procedure done before? Just curious?






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Hi Gale.... I once bought a horse who turned out to have a lameness problem involving his hock and his knee. The vet gave him shots in both. If I'm going to ride him this year, I've talked to the vet about doing it as a preventative measure, since it was treated a few years ago, to be sure he's not having pain. I think the med may have a lubricating element. Don't know for sure, but may be a type of steroid. May have something in it called hy???????? acid which is supposed to be beneficial to joint function. This horse was a former padded show horse. I use him for trail riding. I'm sure your vet will explain it better and more correctly than I have. Best of luck to you and your horse. Happy trails....Mary
Hi Mary, yes thats exactly what the vet said. I wondered will it hurt the horse? Gosh needles in my joints seems painful to me. My horse is sound and thats a good thing. The more he stands in the stall-- the more the joint will sweel, if i get him out and work him a bit it goes away. Too much rain and snow to get him out though! Well Thanks!
Hi- The previous owner never told me if he had his stiffles cut. She does stay in contact with me about the horse and said they always get the hock injected once a year. The vet says the Hy---? medicine plus a steriod to reduce the inflmation. Thanks for your reply!
You can only get the hock joints injected for so long (3-4) times before the natural synovial fluid is gone. After that, it's bone on bone. I would go with a very good chondrointin glucosamine supplement instead. There are many good ones on the market. Injecting is a quick fix. I only believe in doing it once with the Halyuranic acid and giving them rest. The steroids will destroy the natural synovial fluid (which they draw out before the injection).Don't make the vet rich.


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