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I have a three year old filly that needs to be started right. I don't have the time to work her how she should be. Anyone train youngsters near by? Must be close, as I will be checking often and working with trainer. Also must be gentle, and teach correct collection and cues, not just jump on and ride. She has been saddled, has been sat on, lol but not ridden as she is not giving to pressure well enough yet.

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Have you heard of Larry Whitesell and Jennifer Bauer? I hear they are very good. They are in Baxter, TN. Their website is gaitedhorsemanship.com.
I haven't hard of them. Do they only train gaited horses?
I hear Larry is excellent, a friend has attended his clinics... Nikkie Thompson is also in w Tn.... I don't have her number but you can call her Dad at 256.655.3263.... She is a teacher but also has a natural touch with horses....
Yes Larry is all gaited horse and primarily paso fino, he's good, seen him at the shows often and watched a clinic once. Not really in W TN though, he's just north of me here in mid state.
Ally is not gaited. I really want to find someone close by. I work 48 hour shifts or would train her myself. I need someone close enough to go there every day off.


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