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I have a tiny problem. I have Myself and my horse and a trailer. Love to ride weekends weekdays and well, pretty much any time. There is the small problem I hate to ride alone since it is not safe. And I cannot simply send my mare off to go get help if something happens. Though she probably would if she could understand it.  Any other riders out there mind me tagging along? By the way, my mare is a Quarter Horse.

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Where are you located? My wife and I are looking for places to ride near ft campbell. We have our own trailer, and truck, just need somwhere to ride.


I'm in Columbia Tn. About an hour south of Nashville

I live in columbia and enjoy riding.  I am going to Seven Springs tomorrow.  If you want to go post back and will work out the details.

I live in Columbia and have a truck, but i don't have a trailer right now.  i would be more than glad to pitch in for gas etc though if you want a tag along.  i work during the week but ride mostly on the weekends.....


Went to Seven Springs had a great ride.  I have ridden in that area but never at Seven Springs.  The hospitality was great and our guide was supurb.  Will go back and ride again but stay a couple of days the next time.  The rattlesnake restaurant-saloon was closed but looked like good times and award winning food.

I wish I had seen your post in time to go. I've never been to seven springs. Thanks for the invite. I suppose I should have thought ahead and posted my number. It's 931-540-0030. Rose. If you want to ride then sure. We can take my trailer. It's a two horse with a tack room. I've got three trucks to use also.  Just please say your horse rides well. :p

Okay sounds good. yes, my horses ride good and are well behaved.  One is a retired professional barrell horse (AQHA) and the other is my Georgie Boy (Standardbred) who i just point and he loads right up. lol 


Im also in Columbia.... I like to ride around on the Garrison Creek trail if youre ever interested... Check with Kimber Goodman at the Circle G Ranch we have Womens Wacky Wensdays and we do alot of trail riding all over!

I got 2 great little trail mares myself- both qh/arab crosses...

Just talked with Brittany and we plan to ride at Laurel Hill on saturday.  Will leave columbia 8:30 to 9.  If anyone in the area wants to ride down or meet  at finney rd.  let me know.

sound interesting Wacky Women Wednesday! Like to here more about that!!!! Glad you contact that lady Rose. I am in McMinnville, I like to get a woman group up like that! Might get as stir a them on there horses!




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