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i am also posting this in the classified section of this site..

This mare is absolutely priceless in my eyes, and is truely my forever horse. but unfortunate circumstances has me posting this ad. I am not selling her because i can't feed her or take care of her, my fiance started a new job and was held back from paychecks for a month which has caused us to get behind on bills and in dire need of cash. If we get back on our feet and she hasn't sold, she will be removed from all websites and never listed again. I love her to death and am writing this in tears, hoping she goes to an exceptional home if she sells.

Layla is a 8 coming 9 year old Quarab mare (her only arab trait is her hind end, and she snorts at everything!!) she has quite the personality and is loved by everyone that comes to see her. I am only her third owner and hoped to be her last. she has a THICK and LONG mane and tail. She is currently in foal for a April/May 2010 foal. She is bred to a very mellow, sweet cremello AQHA stallion named Kings Rocken Mickey. All of Rocks foals are easy to train, a breeze to work with. Layla has great hard feet that require NO shoes no matter the terrain, she is great for the farrier and never gives any problems, always tries her hardest to please her rider. She leads, loads (although isn't fond of two horse dividers, she will load in it), ties, bathes, fly sprays, rides on a loose rein no matter what speed, will trot or canter all day long. You can pick her feet with no problems and she has never striked out at anyone, most of the time i pick her feet without a halter in the pasture. she clips fine and worms easy. she is utd on vaccinations, wormer, and farrier. Before i owned her she belonged to a 8 year old little girl for 2 years and she trail rode with her, the only reason the last owners got rid of her is because her daughter was intimidated by layla on trail because she snorts at stuff. but she DOES NOT spook! only snorts. She rides bareback, saddled, double, in a halter and lead or bridle. she is easy on the mouth and has a great stop, backs up, working on neck reining and working off of your leg. you can ride her with spurs or without. She has such a great stop and handle, most of the time i ride her it is in a halter and lead, i can get her to a full out run and stop her on a dime bareback with a halter, i have also taken her on trail in a halter and lead. She ponys horses/foals great and is a real caretaker. she also rides with a back cinch if you prefer. i DO ride her with a tiedown but only because if you don't she shakes her head alot, she doesn't pull at the bit at all but she does shake her head, the tie down prevents it. she is so laid back you can slide off of her rear with no one holding her and she will stand still. when she is tacked up she will NOT eat a bit of grass or grain until she is untacked, no matter what you try to do. She is very respectful on the ground and never tried to push you over or get in your space. she will square up with a few minutes of working with her. I have taken her to local shows and played with her on barrels and poles, she isn't a pro but she will do what you ask. Anyone that knows the basics of riding can ride this mare with ease. She has never been neglected, starved, or abused in any way. She will be sold with a bill of sale stating that she can NEVER be sold to anyone other than myself. As if she is sold i would love one day to have her back. i will not negotiate on the price whatsoever. it is firm! i have trail ridden all over with her. The week i took her to be bred i went to pick her up and went on a trail ride with the stallions owner, it was raining cats and dogs and we rode for 3 or more hours, through power lines, down hills, in the ponds, she slid on her butt down a steep hill full of mud and never once tripped or refused, she crosses logs, ditches, ponds, she will ride at the front of the group, middle, or follow in behind, she will also jump any obstacle you set up. if you need to know anything else or to make an appt to come see her email me and i will respond within the same day. the henderson horse show is only 3.5 miles from the pasture i lease so if you would like to take her there where there is an arena thats fine as long as i come along. i have no arena or pen to ride her in at the pasture, only the open space. you can ride her there also if you wish.

here is a few videos i made.. i will try to get one of her being ridden, tacked up, groomed soon----

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Hey Kristi - I hope you can find a way to keep your horse until you can get financially ahead. She sounds priceless - best of wishes. God always has a way of working things out. Jeannie C.
thanks so much jeannie. i PRAY i can get things worked out before she sells, shes absolutely amazing.

What are you wanting to trade fpr something I have ? Are you intersted in
something I have ?

I hope you are able to keep her as well. She is very pretty. I am curious, you said that you also ride her with halter and lead, does she shake her head when you ride her this way? If the answer is no, then I wonder if you have tried other bits with this horse, her head shaking may be due to the discomfort of the bit you are using. Just a thought and suggestion. Hope things work out for you.
no she shakes her head as well in a halter and lead. i think it may be the arab in her haha. i have a very nice bit on her. i use a combination hackamore with a o ring bit and a dogbone in the center. she seems to like this bit the most over everyone i have tried on her, it places pressure on her nose before screwing with her mouth, you have to be very violent with this bit to actually make it place pressure on her mouth (which i do not do) when she shakes her head, she only shakes it, she doesn't pull or fight the bit at all, so that is what makes me think it is from her arab side :)


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