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The countdown that had an unknown ending is about to end.

The project finally sees an end..

The EV I was working on for months finally found a new owner,   away off to California.  (thanks to e-bay)

   It fetched a very good price,   ended with quite a competition among the several people who wanted it.  Loaded on a big car hauler and sent on it's way.

   Now I'm doing a bit of work on my old 3/4 T 4x4 dodge,  decided to try it for the trip south.  I purty much know it inside and out having had most of it apart and repaired at some time or other.  It dosn't look like much having been rolled twice before I got it,  an old beat up off road truck pulling an old rusty stock trailer,  just my kind of rig LOL!  I'll be taking a pile of tools along,   I've had to do repairs on the road before.   Bearings gave out in a front wheel once,  but it happened right next to where a retired man lived who was happy to take me to a parts store.


  For the uninformed;  I'm chasin after a horse I discovered for sale a year and a half ago,  wanted because he was out of the line of horses I'd already rode and found them the nicest ride I ever had, but couldn't afford right away   He was still there a year later when I was able to go down to FL and ride him,  made the deal to buy him as soon as my EV was sold,  thinking I could sell it in a month or 2,  but every time I thought it was about ready something else popped up to be fixed.  but finally all the fixing came to an end when I could drive it without issues.  It was a 16 year old electric car made by US electricar I bought dead as a project.  Anyway,  it's gone,    I'm happy with the sale.   And ready to pass a little on to the trainer of my soon to be trail runner.

  Some people like these particular horses so much someone has started a facebook group to pull them together.  And as pleasure/trail horses in spite of a poor econimy they're still bringing prices good enough for a breeder to make a profit.    After riding one myself I understand,  the quality is evident.

  If it wasn't already obvious,  I'm a mechanic,  an electronics technician, an inventor of sorts, farmer,  and several other things,   along with being a lover of good horses.  I'm self employed, always have been, I just do whatever shows up to be done,  and lately I've had to turn down some jobs/projects in order to persue those things I really want to get done.  Never made much $$ because I was always doing stuff to eliminate the need for much $.  make my own hay,   clearing land for some pasture lately and selling pulpwood for $ to get by.   I'm on the verge of some technology that may make me a steady income once it's set up.  I'll get it going and then retire  (from tryin to make $ anyway)  But I'll never quit working, gettin things done is just too much a part of life.  growing my own food and ridin horses is what I wanna do.

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Reuben, I am so happy for you! You must be looking to the time when "almost" tranforms to "done". I guess the best things are worth waiting and working for. Best wishes to you on your new adventure and your "dream horse". Keep us updated on the journey.
LOL!! Life dosn't always go like it did today. I started the day with my own plans of what I was gonna get done, getting ready to go, saw 2 logs up for a new bed on the truck, work on trailer lights, etc. As i was eating breakfast a neighbor shows up with a cement mixer that's just gotta be repaired/rebuilt today to hit the job tomorrow, so I start on that, get half done and another friend shows up to take me along equipment shopping, he ends up buying a dozer, (I'll get to use it occasionally) we get back and I finish the mixer in time to feed the horses and quit for the day. My truck still sitting up there with 2 logs on it. Oh well, try again tomorrow. That's why I don't know when I'm heading south, but I'm still hoping I can get gone next week.


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