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Just an FYI when you sign up for ACTHA membership, the fees are automatically charged to your credit card when the renewal time comes up.  I had a $50 surprise on my AMEX in June.  So if you don't want to renew, call them quick....they charge $5.00 to close your account???

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I know,it happened to me too,I don't like that they can do that

I sure hope they aren't still charging me.  Dang.  I quit because they won't let me ride in my riding halter.  I'll be really ticked off if I have paid two more years of dues since then.  Why would they charge you $5 not to renew?  That doesn't make sense.


Okay - I just logged in to check my account, and luckily for me, the CC they had on file was expired.  It shows that I owe them $130, lol.  I'm not paying it!  I told them I was quitting and why.


There is a spot to turn off the "auto renew" feature, but you'd never know to even look for it if someone didn't warn you.

 feel an auto renew  is unfair and you can't join without agreeing to it, I wonder how many people don't know? 


Help spread the word, folks will thank you.


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