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We rode with a new group Saturday at Natchez Trace. The ride started out good, but halfway into it, a rider was on his mule and was kicked in the chest by another horse. He was unresponsive and stopped breathing, luckily only for a minute. He was airlifted as it was about a two hour ordeal. Everyone say a prayer and hope he heals up fast. Be careful now that the weather is getting nice again. Just goes to show you, anything can happen. The horse that kicked out is a great trail horse. Never kicked, and I have been on several rides with the mare. Just one of those freak things.

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We were coming up a hill and Jim's mule was moving a little faster, the horse in front slowed at the same time. She kicked before anyone could have done anything. Granted, the horses should not have been so close, but it happened faster than anyone had time to react. They weren't riding that close, was just one of those freak things.
i always say, if it has 2 back feet and a heart beat it is capable of kicking. ill keep him in my prayers.


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