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We rode with a new group Saturday at Natchez Trace. The ride started out good, but halfway into it, a rider was on his mule and was kicked in the chest by another horse. He was unresponsive and stopped breathing, luckily only for a minute. He was airlifted as it was about a two hour ordeal. Everyone say a prayer and hope he heals up fast. Be careful now that the weather is getting nice again. Just goes to show you, anything can happen. The horse that kicked out is a great trail horse. Never kicked, and I have been on several rides with the mare. Just one of those freak things.

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What a terrible ordeal for all concerned, wishing him and full and speedy recovery, its a somber reminder that anything can happen in a split second
Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. Just goes to remind you that no matter how careful we are things can happen with horses. Sending prayers and best wishes.
Horses are scared of mules or doneys at first. To them I think, they think they are aliens. Today we rode at Why Not Ranch and my husband's horse came in counter with his first mule or donkey I can't remember which it was now. But he was scared to death. My husband got off his horse and introduce his horse to them and then he was fine and he got back on and rode. But we tried to hurry before they let out there
sound that they make. My horse is very seasoned, and it didn't bother her at all.I'm also sending prayers and wishes there way!
The year before my daughter was at a 4-H show in a showmanship class and all was well and then all the sudden out of no where, the horse in front of her kicked the little girl. She fell to the ground and instantly she started to pea all over her self. She laid there for ever. Finally she got up and and ambulance took her to hospital, I called and checked on her later and they said the horse had kicked her right in the heart. I believe she recovered just fine. But we should never get to close to another horse(or equine ) because we never know how they are going to act out.
I am so sad to hear this. I feel sad for that man and his family and pray that he fully recovers. I am glad you posted this event, it has stimulated a lot of worthwhile advice (about horses vs mules) that might prevent a future harmful situation for our members. Even though this is sad situation, I'm hopeful that he will be OK and we will all be more careful with our wonderful and potentially dangerous animals.
Wow.. I hope he is ok.. I dont try to get up close on any other horses with mine... I watch the horse in front of me for any type of warning signs from them.. I watch for ears back.. swishing tails or just even that little look that says..BACK OFF ME !! I dont want to be hurt and I dont want my horse hurt either...everybody just be very conscious of the animals around you.. These freak accidents DO occur...
Man, that mare must have kicked high if he was on top of the mule. I hate that. Sending thoughts and prayer his way.
Thanks for the reminder.
I have a dent in my leg as a permanent reminder, but I still get distracted and relaxed when riding with a group.
It always bothers me to hear someone ask "does your horse kick?", even the most seasoned, laid back horse can kick when we least expect it. Of course there are those that people know are "kickers" and tie a red ribbon in the tail as a warning, but in my opinion to expect or declare a horse to never kick is taking a big chance. My thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery the person who got kicked at Natchez Trace.
Our prayers are with him, I really know how freak accidents happen I had a horse(not mine) ran away with me in Sept. and I didn't have the reins, and off I came fractured my pelvis and broke my arm.
That is terrible and I hope he will be ok. I have been around horses and mules my entire life and the one thing I have learned is no matter how seasoned the horse or mule is the one thing you can always depend on is they are unpredictable. My mare is 20 years old and when someone asks me does she kick I tell them she has 2 back feet and anything is possible. She has never kicked on the trail but that doesn't mean she won't.
A safety tip for trail riding that I learned from my years of foxhunting:
When other riders are passing you on the trail, ALWAYS turn your horses head toward the passer and their rear away--facing off the trail. These seems like common sense, but I pass people all the time on the trail and they pull over to the side with their horses' rear end right facing right at me, just asking for a disaster.

Also, it's a good rule of thumb to try to keep one horse length in between you and the horse in front of you. It really bothers me and my horse if someone is "tailgating" us! Please don't be timid about asking someone to back off--or just go to the back of the pack if your horse is fussy.
Please give us all an update on how this man is doing after this accident
Well, Jim has a fractured sternum, in three places I believe. I hope he heals fast. Deb, give us an update when you have time.


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