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What makes you love horses so much? Tell us your story.... Thanks in advance for sharing!

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I have always loved horses so much,my earliest memory of when I first saw a horse,is 3 years old! My Dad had purchased a TWH filly for my older sister's and I wanted to be near it,just to touch it!!! I can remember that she stepped on my little bare foot and I was crying,my sister begging me not to tell my Dad. She asked what would make you happy? And even as a three year old little girl ,I knew what I wanted,and that was to sit on the filly!!! That's what made this little girl happy and now that I'm almost fifty three years old ,I still love horses even more than ever!!! I even told my husband , that I am a horse woman,I have always had them and I always will have them,so if you can't deal with that "Don't Marry Me"!!! It is the unconditional love and trust that they give me,the feeling of being one when we are riding! I can't imagine not having them in my life,I love their beauty,their grace,and their power!!! I love everything about them,they make my life full and exciting!!! I have
respect for them and I admire them....They are truly God's finest creation!!!! And when I go to heaven,I pray horse will be there too!!!
I have had the 'Big Passion' since the age of 5 when my Granddad bought me a 9 month old welsh pony I named Champ. My Dad was a character and he put me on his back and led me into our house in the living room. He did it to get my Mom's goat and boy did it. She was hopping mad and told him, "That kid will be tired of that horse in 6 months.". I think she has finally accepted the fact that I am not going to get tired of my horses! And there are and will be horses in heaven, God's Word says it and I believe it!

Revelation 19: 11,14 “I saw heaven open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and makes war. The armies of heaven were following him, riding on white horses and dressed in fine linen, white and clean.”

Blessings, Linda
I have LOVED horses, and I have HATED horses! I was (-)9 months old when I took my first ride, then took a break for a couple of weeks after I was delivered . We had horses while I grew up, Mom has had the bug all her life, Dad and Grand Dad, had horses on the farm, and we showed Standard Bred, in Roadster to Bike classes on the Walking Horse circuit for years through the 70's. I've had to feed horses, chased horses to catch them and then chase cows, I hate chasing cows, but they sure taste good. We used our horses, they were tools, and work animals, I never had to plow, or cut hay with a horse drawn mower, but my Dad did, as a matter of fact, we were sitting around last night talking, and he told me about mowing the bottom along the Cumberland River where OpryMills is, where OpryLand used to be. My Uncle Tom used to own that land (I wish he still did), they used a horse drawn mower, and pulled it with a horse and a mule, the mower is still here on the farm, and that was the last field that was cut with it. The Johnson Grass was so high, he said you could hear the mower, but could not see them until they came out the end of the field
I love the way you started this story!! Very original.
Always loved the cowboy thing from watching westerns as a child. Wanted a horse, my dad got me one, got that horse smell on me and the rest is history. Can walk in my barn, even today 50 years later, and the smell of horses brings back fond childhood memories.
nothing like the smell of a horse... I know that sounds silly ... but it is a good smell.. makes me feel safe.. I know when I am riding my horse she trusts me and I trust her and there isnt any hill the two of us can't climb or slide down.. I love it....
I was about 5 or 6 when I first discovered horses, my older brother and sister and I used to walk a couple miles to school and took short cuts through fields, one of them had a horse that we used to call Big Red, whenever we had time my brother would try to throw me up on the horse's back and the few times we were successful the horse would take off running and bucking across the pasture and I'd hang on as long as I could, my brother and sister would roll on the ground laughing...I thought it was funny too. One very cold Ohio day the horse was not in the pasture and we went looking for him; we were all sad when we found him, he had frozen to death during the night. I took a few decades hiatus from horses but rode horses whenever we could on vacation, then I was able to get a couple of my own about nine years ago, I've been buying and breeding them ever since. I always say to my wife, I think horses keep me sane, it seems that the more stressful life gets, the more time I spend with my horses and they give me great comfort and help keep life's stressors in perspective. Don't get me wrong, It's not been a perfect relationship, I mean they've broken my wrist twice, my ribs and my back, given me a few headaches and made a big dent in my wallet but, at the end of the day, that's OK. Although this is a bit cliche', I would say that horses are my "therapy".

The most perfect day for me is when my wife and I head out on a rackin' 25 mile ride, stop at a creek and have lunch and talk about, well, you all know what trail riders talk about ;-)
I hear ya Mike and it's all so true,there would be a big void in all our lives without horses!!! Oh yeah!!! Don't let me forget mules too!!! Ha-Ha!!! I enjoy reading about everyones love affair with equines!!!! Keep those stories coming! Audrey
My story spans years and miles: i had my first pony at 11 he was a 12.2hh Welsh Section B named Robin, and we also had a little Donkey called Bonnie who was a companion, both were 2 yrs old when we had them, i did some shows and rode with a friend who had a big Bay mare that i always admired and hoped one day that i would be able to have a "bigger" horse, well after years of lots of fun, I went to Agricultural college and met my future husband, and although i did not loose all interest in horses, it cooled off a little, both Robin and Bonnie remained in our family and were taken care of by my mum, they moved twice with my mum and dad once to Wales from England and then all the way up to the very top of Scotland to the Grampians. Robin lived to be 32 and the Donkey Bonnie lived to be 34, they are both buried on my parents land in a special plot with willow trees, along with many of her animals that have been fortunate to be in her care over the years- So I , after raising 3 children to adulthood and moving to the US 10 yrs ago (on Jan 25th 2010 !!!) and then to TN 3 yrs ago my life has become full of horses and the dream of the "big horse" has become a reality, i too get flash backs of memories of smells and just the things my horses do, i rush home from work every night, and my time with them is a real stress buster, this love of horses has been bubbling under the sufrace for a long time, and its wonderful that i have been given this opportunity to re-kindle this life love and passion, and whats even better is that my wonderful husband is supportive in anything i want to do, he is not a horse person, but will build me anything i need, and help me in any way he can, so i consider myself very fortunate: We have a little Donkey now his name is Bobbin, its a combination of Robin and Bonnie- which means that my two little buddies of all those years ago are mentioned everyday and will never be forgotten !!!

I love your story Belinda! Fortunately for me, my husband also loves horses so it makes it easier to get to trails that I need to trailer to... but, for those weekends he has to work, I have plenty of nice trails here around Center Hill Lake to ride from my house. My kids, hubby, and a few neighbors/friends have cut several trails (4-8 hours of them) right from my farm so I don't have to spend any time loading or hauling to ride each weekend. We have plenty of shade and water during those hot summer months too!

I love the way horses melt away my stress! I can definitely tell the difference the work-week following a horse and non-horse weekend. My horses are like medicine or vitamins to me. Without my regular dose of horsey, I can't function as well throughout the week. 

Horses are definitely medicinal for children with disabilities. My husband and I recently started a nonprofit therapeutic riding program to provide the opportunity for children/adults in our local community to experience the therapeutic benefits of being around/riding horses. This all started with us having our blind adult friend and later, another friend's blind 9-year old daughter come over to ride. That's when we realized just how much a horse can make a difference in this area... Lydia's mom tells us how much she talks about her 'ride on Lefty' for hours the day after a riding session here. Lydia, the 9-year old blind girl, has now graduated up to light trail riding around our farm with my niece and I. We are working up to the full trail ride to the lake very soon!

My uncle Bob had ponies and on the weekends would give pony rides. I was riding before I could walk, with my mom holding onto me. All through my young life I would watch every western on TV and read everything I could get my hands on about horses. When my dad was home (he was in the Army and only came home between deployments from Vietnam) we would go for car rides through the countryside and when I saw people riding their horses along the road I would have him stop and he would offer them 5 bucks if I could be led around for a few minutes. Later on I got jobs cleaning stalls in exchange for riding at a couple small farms and when we moved to Georgia, I got riding lessons at Ft. Benning Hunt Club. When my Grandpa Wood died, he left me $100 in his will to buy a horse. I found a retired racemare in the paper for that price. I rode her all over town. I was in horse heaven. By then I was an older teen and graduated high school. I started galloping racehorses at the track nearby and lived and breathed horses. The racing was exciting (oh yeah, and the broken bones went along with it.) I still love the Thorobreds. I have not paid a penny for a horse, mine were all rescues and turned out to be wonderful trail horses with a little natural horsemanship training. I took my newest "project" trail riding last weeekend. He was awesome and it blew his mind because he knew nothing but running around the track. (which he hated!) He loves his new job and I get so much joy knowing my rescues go on to live quality lives. And it's good for my quality of life also.
Gosh, it seems that I have been in love with horses all of my life. I can remember when I was 3 years old I had one of those beautiful rocking horses on springs. I have pictures of me on the horse with a cowgirl hat on. When I was 5, I had a friend whose family had horses and he had a Welsh pony. How I loved those horses and just wanted to spend time in the barn and give them treats and watch them and smell them. As a little girl I drew horses, read everything about them that I could, and I even entered every contest where a Shetland pony or horse was the prize. Sadly, I never won. I always begged my parents to buy me one, but they did not understand my passion. I had friends that had horses and I would go with them to the barns where they boarded and get to ride the pasture nag sometimes. It was such a thrill. I dreamed of having my own horse very frequently.

I bought my first horse when I was in my mid forties, and I am not an athelte or good rider, but it has been a dream come true to have them in my life. My loyal companions have taken me many miles through life and have carried me through some very tough times. It is a privledge to have them in my care. They are the magic gift of a lifetime and the source of much joy in my life and a connection to the divine. I feel closest to God on the back of my horse out in the middle of no where taking in the wonder of His creation through all of my senses. Love me, love my horses. Thankfully I have the gift of a wonderful man who does! We both have the sickness for which I pray they never find a cure; Horsitis! What a way to go and to spend your children's inheritence!


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