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What makes you love horses so much? Tell us your story.... Thanks in advance for sharing!

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Thanks for your touching story!

My horse saved my life. I got my first one when I was 38. It had always been a life long dream. Married at 22 to what ended up not being good, except for the birth of two wonderful boys. I lived in years of abuse that no women can really understand unless you have been there.  I stayed 18 years.  I stood up at 38 and demanded a horse or I was leaving for good this time.  I got the horse, found a boarding facility that I ended up being manager of, and after 2 years of horse ownership, I had the courage to leave, I filed for divorce and never looked back.  My horse gave me the strength to believe in myself when I did not think I could.  My horse taught me the true meaning of love, trust, and respect. I could write a book on this one, he truely transformed me to the person I am today.  I have since remarried to a wonderful man with 140 acre farm, with 2 large barns and I now how 4 horses! My husband does not ride, but finds joy watching me ride and light up like a little girl at Christmas each time I climb up in that saddle.   Horses truely are Gods gift to women. I treasure mine and love them with a love that only a true horse person would understand.
That's an almost perfect story except it's too bad your husband won't ride with you. Congratulations on leaving a tough situation and getting on with your life the way you deserve.

Thanks for your touching story!

I love horses because they keep me from missing my mom and dad. When my dad died in 2005, I really didn't think I would make it. But, I knew I had to take care of my horses. They had to have the attention that I had been giving my dad. They are therapy for me. I love the woods and the outdoors too! They keep my mind straight and keep me from forgetting how majestic our God really is! God really knew what we all need to make us happy. Then, my mom died shortly after my dad. So without God and my horses, I would not have made it!!! The horses knew I was in deep pain and just made it easier.

Amen Janet.  So sorry to hear about the loss of your parents. Mine are aging too and it is scary. Our horses are the peace and love that God has given us. I truely beleive that. So glad you have your horses. They are God's gift to women. Take care, and hopefully we can hook up and ride sometime.

Thanks for your touching story!

Well, I've written in detail about this very subject on my website: "www.chanceyspeaceofheaven.com". However to make a long story short (can I make this short ?) it's all about my very favorite mare Ulenfield Enchantris aka Chancey whom we lost in January of this year (2011). I had the honor of being owned by this mare since 1984. She was a registered Morgan. I've never known a horse who was able to communicate with humans as well as she could. There was never any doubt what was on her mind. She was absolutely the sweetest mare I've ever known. Not only that, but she gave me three of her offspring - Tess (1986), Lissie (1990) and AJ (1994). She had a total of seven babies. Lissie in turn gave me Sky (2004) and Darth (2005). She had a colt in 2001 as well who lives in Gurley at his forever home named Arlo. If a horse has Chancey blood in it, I would buy it in a heart beat if I had the means. Her personality is always evident in her offspring and her grandchildren. They have the same sweetness and willingness as Chancey did as well as her sense of humor. We are now benefitting in the blood, sweat and hard work in raising Sky and Darth. We've been everywhere at Sulphur Creek since Sept 1st and they are thriving. I had no really good place to ride before. As of this writing, I have been there 35 times and have 98.5 hours in the saddle since Sept 1st - on AJ, Lissie, Darth and Sky. I am now training a four year old Morgan mare for the trails - Emma. She's my only non-Chancey blooded Morgan but she's related to Lissie on the sire side. I really look forward to riding with everyone and proudly riding my Morgans !

Thanks for your touching story!

Hello, we are interested in going to horse tack auctions near ft cambell. We heard of a big one in greenville or central city ky. If anyone knows about when and where ecactly these are?

Hello. I recently got myself a QH gelding that has papers but I have never owned one that is registerd. If anyone knows what I need to do so as to register him in my name I would apreciate it.

I did'nt get into horses until I met and married my wife (cityslicker all the way) but since then I love my buddy Cocklebur would'nt trade him for anything. Sure I have been throwed but it is alway's me not paying attention when I should. He's a great TW and only 14yrs old I think, I hope he's around for along time because don't think I could handle losing him.  Another thing is not sure i could find one that suits me like him , we have been called pokey because we just plod along which I like.


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