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What makes you love horses so much? Tell us your story.... Thanks in advance for sharing!

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They listen when no one else will. They never judge you by the way you look or by the stupid things you say. They are loyal and very forgiving. They are always glad to see you even when you don't have food. All they ask of you is to be fed and loved.
"There's something about the outside of a horse that's good for the inside of a man."
~Sir Winston Churchill

I just have to edit the quote to include women.
I was born with a love for horses. As soon as I could talk I started asking for one of my own. But the desire went alot deeper than just wanting one....I understood them. I started riding by myself when I was 2, but it was YEARS later before I got to be with them more. Being a Marine Corps brat and moving every 2-3 years made it hard. Finally when I was 13, I GOT MY OWN HORSE! Dad and Mom bought him from the Humane Society. He was 4 years old, still a stallion, wasn't halter broke and had been starved the 1st 4 yrs of his life. Talk about a CRASH COURSE in equine behavior/phsycology!!!! I learned ALOT from him and am still learning from him. (He is almost 31 years old now and still going strong) That horse saved me in high school and more times than I can count after that. He is always there for me to talk to, cry into his mane, cut loose with, or kick back and relax with. I am certain that if I hadn't had him, I wouldn't be here. From him, I have learned how to listen with my heart, forgive, patience, understanding and true unconditional love.
What a great story! :)
I allways loved horses. At age 14 I got lessons and I was hooked. Never owned one until husband retired out of the Army in 1999. But since then I had horses and there is nothing better to a soul than the smell of horse breath.
Another reason I loves horses is that they do not judge me or care if my hair is done or not. I do not mesh with people very well and I have trust issues. I know my horse would not do alot of things that some humans are capaple of. And since I owned horses for about 10 yeras now , I did make some really good friends and have a great time riding with them.
I love my horse.. I love to ride .. My whole world is perfect when I am on my horse.. her and I have had our times with the battle of the mind.. lol sometimes she needs to be reminded who is in charge.. but she always takes great care of me and I take great care of her. She is my best friend..I trust her and she trust me... no better relationship in the world
My Dad was in the Navy and transferred to Virginia from California when I was four years old.  We were driving across country traveling through Kentucky.  I remeber telling my parents how beautiful the countyside and horses were and I was going to live there when I grew up and have a hundred horses.  Well, I live in West Tennessee (just as beautiful) with three horses.  I was not able to have horses until I turned fifty, but they are everything I dreamed they would be.

'.....God took a bit of Southerly wind, blew His breath over it and created the horse.'

Life shouldn't be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather, ride in on a bucking bronc, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly shouting, "Wow! What a ride! Thank You, Lord!"

I love the feeling of unity between horse, rider and nature. I feel close to God when on one of his majestic creations, the horse. Give me wings I can fly, give me a horse and I can Soar!
Horses are faithful and true.  They know the real you.  Not how we talk the talk, but how we walk the walk. God Bless Horses!!!
For me, it all started when I was 8, My parents bought a farm.We were just like "Green Acres" lol! My neighbor had Wild horses, I would feed them apples, carrots, and grass! I thought they loved me??! So one day I Decided to climb on one! With a little hand full of mane, I jumped on!!! Wow what a ride!!!!Wide open, bucking, kicking, and running with the herd, till a tree branch knocked me off??!! I fell in LOVE! Daddy bought us ponies,cows,and horses. We rode them all!! Lol I grew up and now enjoy a nice smooth TWH!!!!!!
My first horse experience was almost exactly the same, I was about 6 years old...I fell off long before colliding with a tree branch (and I've fallen off about 16 times since...I remember each and every one of them).  ;-)
I always had a interest in horses....Just never wanted to own/ride one. That all changed in '08 when I participated in my first Civil War reenactment, right then and there I decided I was going to "jine the cavalry" only problem was I DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO RIDE! So, after some friends of mine got me to the point where I could sit in a saddle without falling off (much) I went looking for a horse. When I first got Shiloh she was very high-spirited and a little on the mean side, after a six-month long battle of the wills she completely changed. Fast-foward two years later and she could not be any different from the day I got her! She runs down our hill to meet me when I walk into the pasture, she LOVES to ride, she's one of the most gentle horses I've been around, and she's my best friend! Oh yeah, and she lets me fire a revolver (loaded with blanks) and a double-barelled shotgun (also blanks) over her head, charge a cannon, and lets me get in a saber melee while mounted! Needless to say I love my horse! 


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