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Ride 80 miles in 4 days, 2 states,4 counties, cross the central/eastern time zone twice, and cross the Big South Fork river at least twice. September 23-26, 2010. All you gear is hauled to the next camp while you ride.

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Hi Ed
Can you tell me the cost & more info on the ride , (4 day trail ride @ Big south Fork)
Sorry it took a couple of day to get back to you Heather, Reuben is right about everything he told you. We load all the gear in our stock trailer, and we have a crew that drives the trucks to the campsites each day, while we ride through the park, we cover about 20 miles each day, when we ride into camp each evening, Teresa is there with supper on the fire, all you do is take care of your horse, setup your tent, and make up your sleeping bag, then join the rest of the bunch for dinner around the fire. After dinner, we'll enjoy a relaxing night, sleep well and get up in the morning to hot coffee, and a full hot breakfast. After breakfast, we'll break camp, load the trailer with all the gear, and ride out for another full day of riding while the crew moves the truck and trailer to the next camp. We cover about 80 miles in 4 days, ride through 2 states, 4 counties, cross the time zone twice, and the Big South Fork river at least twice, without covering the same trail. We provide all meals, move all your gear, and provide hay for your horse. We let you bring a small dome tent, a small cot, sleeping bag, or air mattress, a duffel bag for your personal need, a bag of feed for your horse, a small cooler, for your personal beverages, I'll also provide a campsite on Wednesday night so you'll be there early.
$300 Food provided, Just carry a lunch and drink each day, everything else we need travels in a stock trailer from one camp to the next. just have to take a tent and bag/pad and whatever we want for 3 nights camping, within reason of course, enough for at least 29 people have to fit in one trailer. 25 riders +3 support riders and a cook. That's about all I can remember he said about it. I plan on going. All I need is a small tarp a sleepin bag/pad and folding chair, and maybe a few changes of stuff to wear so I arn't gettin too dirty. And feed for our own horses. That can be done up in single serving ziplock bags.
I guess Reuben and I are the only 2 true long riders in this group!

Let's ride Reuben!

We'll even have chairs, so you don't have to bring one unless it's your favorite.
I'm looking forward to it, riding regular to get ready, did 5 miles this evening which included 2 mountain climbs. Tac was dripping like he'd just been under a hose, but it's a very warm humid evening. 10 miles is about my reasonable limit using a bareback pad, but with a saddle 20 is a lot easier than 10 without. With a little cooler weather by then I think 20 miles a day will be just a nice easygoing rate.
How many folks do you have signed up for this?
Right now, I think there are 15 on the list, we'll limit it to 25, we took 30 last year, and it was all we wanted. We scaled back a little this year to be a little more personal. We like being able to get to know everyone, and not feel like we are overwhelmed taking care of too many things at one time. Believ me, it's a lot of work to get 25 - 30 people around in the woods, feed them and take care of the unforeseen problems that will arise. We love to do it, that's why we don't want more than we can handle comfortably.
The number stands at 20 right now, if you want to go, you need to go ahead and make reservations now. This ride will fill up, and have a waiting list, so call or email now.



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