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Just off of Old Hickory Rd, in Brentwood, is the Percy Warner horse park. On any given weekend you'll see 5 - 20 trailers there, during the week you will darn near have the place to yourself. It's a great park for a 1 - 3 hour ride. They have a few different trails that are clearly marked with red, yellow and blue (?) arrows and go from 3 - 12 miles. It's a great place to see other riders. It's a park, so I wouldn't recommend it for aggressive rides, but it's a nice place for a leisurely ride or to take a lunch and eat at the many picnic tables along the way. You'll probably also see hikers, although some trails are for horses only. It's the kind of place where you'll see riders of all ages and skills, lots of english and dressage riders. It's a place probably more suited to a helmet than a cowboy hat and spurs ;-), but we wear our cowboy hats anyway and enjoy the wide, well cared for trails.

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Percy Warner has always been a favorite for me. It is like a country club. Short rides, beautiful scenery and no matter which way you go, you ALWAYS see a few friends, stop and chat, catch up on all the gossip, make a few new connections, find out who is coming to the park today, and who they will be with, Who bought a new horse, etc. Then, after riding a short ways more, you will come to the picnic area or the Alle and then stop and chat some more. No matter what your breed or what your style, everyone is friendly and social at Percy Warner.
This is a great place for a day ride. Even if it has been raining and other trails are muddy, Percy is usually dry enough to have a great ride.
This is a favorite place of mine I remember renting horses there back in the 1975
( they do not rent horses now at all ) It is very nice and wide trails Fun place to ride
very easy riding Always time for a ride here
I like the park very much, always different scenery for the different seasons, it is a great place to start colts when they are ready for new experiences. They just might see a biker pass by, ee haw, and a deer, or other horses pass them by (and they want to go with them) It is also great for the novice rider to start too, before you take them to short mountain (tee hee)
I agree with all the posters. One of my favorites because it is quick and easy to get to, pretty scenery, hardly any rock on the trails, wide but with enough variety to keep it interesting for a half day type of ride.


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