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Rocky Mountain Trail Gelding For Sale at Four Beat Farms in Loudon, Tennessee`

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Comment by Four Beat Farms "Patty Beaty" on May 27, 2009 at 6:37am
Hey There! The price ranges vary depending on color, training, bloodlines, etc. Our trail broke and expierenced chocolate horses usually start at around $5000.00. We spend alot of time training and caring for our guys. They are people horses. We would be glad for you to visit the farm. My website is www.fourbeatfarms.com You can get info from the site.
Thanks for the comment.
Comment by Sam Millsaps on May 26, 2009 at 9:31pm

I really like your horses and wanting a Rocky mnt, I got one off the net but it
was wild as heck so I made the folks take him back, he was ok on the ground
but became unglued when one went to get on him. I'm trying to sell a few of my
QH's to get a good RM. What is your price range ? I got injured in IRAQ and my pay is
still not right so money is an issue for me right now thats why I'm trying to sell some
of the QH's I have to get one because I haven't found one that isn't on the top
side of 4k or more. I'm just wanting one for trail not to show or breed, I just want to
relax ride and meet some folks and just be home and ride. I'd appreciate any information
you can give me on them as for prices stc, I'd like to come see yours since it's been a while
back when I actually met one and rode it I was home on leave a while back and a friend had
one and said hey try this horse and boy was it smooth, the TWH and SSH hurt my lower
back, but the RM didn't. If I can oneday visit your place I'd appreciate it. I have a place not to
far from you i'm at exit 60. Hope to hear from you.

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