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At 6:50pm on January 10, 2009, Eric McGee said…
Hi Cindy, you are about 270 miles from us. if you want to see Cowboy mounted shooting look up Tennessee CMSA or Elk River Outlaws, both clubs are right there in the nashville are.
At 9:15am on January 10, 2009, Mike Murphy said…
Cindy, you're funny, I read your comment...still trying to get your horse to STOP! :-)
At 6:35am on November 21, 2008, Mike Murphy said…
thanks Cindy, I'll keep that in mind. Driving to your place is no problem but the hours that I keep might be a disturbance to your family. Because of my work hours it's not uncommon that am out with my horses early in the morning and sometimes late at night, as a result I'm trying to find a private place where I can continue my routine. Thanks for your suggestion, I sure appreciate it.
At 3:03pm on November 2, 2008, Mike Murphy said…
Cindy, the next time you go on a ride like the one you did in Water Valley, can you please post it here so that others can join. Thanks.
At 11:24pm on October 24, 2008, Richard Edelstein said…
Ahhh Yes ... MOTHERHOOD! Have fun tomorrow at the Vandy Game. I think Carla and Phil were planning to go.

Talk to you soon!
At 4:28pm on October 23, 2008, Richard Edelstein said…
Hey Cindy,
Wanna go on a charity ride Saturday morning out here? It starts at 8AM and is all walking on paved and dirt roads (for the Humane Society) and there will be people in wagons too. Call me if you want to meet out here and we can make a day of it. I think you will like a lot of the folks who show up ... if ANYONE shows up. LOL

At 7:47pm on September 21, 2008, Mike Murphy said…
Thanks Cindy, I'm healing now, feeling a lot better already, the biggest pain is definitely the broken rib which should heal in about a month. I appreciate your offer, I'll call you if I need help.
At 5:06pm on September 19, 2008, Mike Murphy said…
I watched the video...awesome! Thanks.
At 10:33pm on September 17, 2008, Roy Snow said…
Hi Girl: How are you doing? Glad you are still riding. Now that it has cooled off we can start riding again. How are the boys?
At 5:09pm on September 9, 2008, Richard Edelstein said…
COOL ... I am trying to get everyone together to pick a day.
I'll let you know what we decide on.
At 11:47pm on September 8, 2008, Richard Edelstein said…
I don't think I'll be camping out there ... my wife might not like me camping with you. LOL Then again ... who knows.

I think out riding group in Dickson is going to do a day ride out there but some of them are thinking about staying over night one night.

Judy is watching the kids in Nashville that weekend so I'll have to get back here to take care of the critters. I hear there is a way to get to Bucksnort on the back roads in 15 minutes from Tennessee CIty. I'll have to work something out for that week.
At 7:07pm on September 8, 2008, Mike Murphy said…
It sounds like the big bucksnort ride is coming up soon, an entire week. Keep watching this site for the details. You can camp to your heart's content then. My wife and I probably won't be able to make it, but hope to get there for the weekend and meet all of our new friends from this website. <):->) (by the way, that supposed to be a cowboy hat on my head)
At 12:58am on September 6, 2008, Mike Murphy said…
The Rev (Raymond Johnson) is a regular riding buddy, you've probably ridden with him before. He rides with Ted most of the time. Yes, he's got a computer and plans to log on to this website soon, of course he's been saying that he is going to join for over a week now :-). You can probably catch him in a Nazarene Church or on the trails almost every weekend.
At 10:12pm on September 1, 2008, Mike Murphy said…
Cindy, I read your note about the excitement you have when you get bored. Wow, riding your 2 year old for the first time with no on lookers? You better take care of yourself of you're going to miss the most exciting season of the year, Autumn. How long will your new injuries keep you out of the saddle?
At 4:06pm on August 31, 2008, Richard Edelstein said…
I already told you all that stuff. LOL
My fergitter is workin over time.
No bull riding, just horse events.
There was a PBR competition in Nashville I heard a bunch of people were going to compete in Friday but I couldn't get down there. THAT is more fun to photograph!
At 3:45pm on August 31, 2008, Richard Edelstein said…
You broke ALL THE RULES! You KNOW BETTER! I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I sure wish I had been there to shoot that moment you went into the air. POOR TED, he just doesn't know all those things yet. I am glad you didn't break your neck or something worse.

I shot the riding club in all their events in the States on Friday but no one placed. I about wore myself out walking all over the place but I did have a good time and met some awesome people.

My intentions were to get on Star this morning but I got into baths with all three and cleaning the barn and 4 hours later I was out of energy.

We are going to my daughters tomorrow to sit around in the pool and relax. If I am up to it, I am finishing up the seminar on Saturday and Sunday I have a couple coming out with their kids to see the horses and maybe ride the pony. I am busier now than I was when I was working!

Next week I may be picking up a trailer (they guy wants to sell it "cheap" and has to talk to his brother first, so we will be able to meet someplace and ride. Maybe I will come over to your place with a video camera and get you to reenact your first ride on skinny,weak,little baby Ted. ROFLMA@@@@@@@
At 2:27pm on August 30, 2008, Richard Edelstein said…
Yeah man, my legs are still like rubber!
I walked around Wilson County Fair grounds yesterday shooting pictures for some of the events and came home exhausted. I was thinking about going back today because they are having barrel racing and that is what I like to photograph the best. Bull Riding is the most fun to shoot, of course.
But, I am getting stronger every day.
I'll probably get on Star tomorrow and walk around for a while and see how I feel.
At 10:54pm on August 28, 2008, Richard Edelstein said…
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you I have a possible trailer lined up (ten days) so I will probably load Star up and come see you! lol
At 10:53pm on August 28, 2008, Richard Edelstein said…
I am going to the States tomorrow to do some photo shooting. It's going to be a long day in Lebanon! I can't go to Bucksnort with you on Saturday because I don't think I'll be home till the wee hours Saturday morning. I'll keep in touch and we will get together and ride someplace.
At 8:13am on August 28, 2008, Mike Murphy said…
OK, thanks for sharing your weekend schedule. I'll let you know when we are going to ride. Ted might be riding with us, is that OK?

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