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At 9:52am on December 30, 2011, Toni Hinson said…

Sorry to hear about your sons lack of work..its a shame when you raise them as hard workers then theres no work for them to benefit from your efforts in raising them right...what does your son do??? My husband is still trying to run carpentry crews in the Nashville area and could use some hardworkers he aint got to babysit! Surely we can figure a way to shuttle hardworking  folk and their patient pony's down somehow to reap rewards of good work! KIT and just hollar if theres anything we can do to help! 931-796-0513  

At 8:21am on December 28, 2011, Toni Hinson said…

Yeah I had to sell our 4 horse slant trailer with LQ a few years back just to pay our housenote and buy toilet paper to wipe our tails with times was so hard..(hardtimes aint got much better for us horsey folk therefore we are STILL trailerless as well)..thankfully I am close enough to many cedars to just saddle up and ride to there ...where are you located?

At 5:40pm on December 27, 2011, Toni Hinson said…

Thanks Jan...I sure appreciate that...That was actually the first time I had even sang that song ..I had just wrote it and  asked my hubby and his brother to see if they could put some guitar to the lyrics and melody of it ..the REAL talent of this video was how smooth they accompanied my vocals right quick like!!! Hmmm Richard Hinson...I cant say if I know him...I have been holed up in my cabin on the river raising babies so long I dont know if I know him or not...gee I am probably related to him somehow if he is a Hinson cause my mama was a Hinson BEFORE she married my daddy that was a Hinson SO I am a PUREBRED HINSON ...lol! Well you got a definate new buddy here...I cant wait to have ya visit us at Many Cedars SOON!


At 8:40pm on August 14, 2011, Elayne said…

Hi,  Hope you are doing okay?  You haven't sold Bobby have you?    Would you like to ride Tues Weds or Thurs??    I can come over to Peartree or we can go to Bowie.  It has been almost too hot to ride this summer, but I think it is going to cool down a bit now.


At 5:36pm on July 6, 2011, Elayne said…

Hi, sorry to hear about your thyroid.  My daughter suffers from thyroid problems too and it causes her a lot of grief.

I have started riding at Bowie Park Stables once a week.  They have a natural horsemanship trainer and we are starting Sierra over from scratch to retrain him.  Seems like it is working too.  

Are you riding at all now?   It has been so HOT, that you almost have to ride at daybreak to be able to not sweat to death.

I can come over and ride in the arena with you at Peartree if you ever need any company to ride with.


At 9:34pm on June 29, 2011, Elayne said…

Hi glad you enjoyed your vacation.  Yes, this weather has been crazy.  I wish for the old days when it was more reasonable and you knew what to expect from each season.     The older I get, the more I consider maybe eventually having to sell my horses.  I realize they are young enough to outlive me and nobody in my family would know what to do with them after I'm gone.   My joints hurt a lot too.  Fixed income in old age doesn't allow a lot of extra money to go toward horses.  It's a lot to think about.

If you would like to go riding, let me know. I would be happy to pick you and Bobby up.   Hope you don't decide to sell him. 


At 8:49pm on June 8, 2011, Elayne said…

Hope you have a fun vacation.   Yeah, it's been way to hot for me too.   I rode about an hour around my own property and I was soaked by the end.   I don't like to ride when it's like this.  

Send me a message when you get back and we'll try to ride.

At 8:07pm on May 30, 2011, Elayne said…


I enjoyed coming out and riding with you.  I really thought Bobby was a super horse.   It's late Monday the 30th and I just got on my computer for the first time in several days and I saw your message.     If you want to go out to Bowie, I don't mind hauling Bobby.  He is a very quiet and obedient horse and I can't see him being any problem to haul.    Don't worry about being a wennie on the trail.  Sometimes I am too.  Especially if someone is really yahooing it down the trail and my horse isn't taking it too well.    Give me a call if you want to ride.

At 6:58pm on May 15, 2011, Elayne said…
I can ride Wednesday.   We can haul somewhere or ride in the arena there. Either one is okay with me.   I'll call you Tuesday  to confirm if you still want to ride.  I doubt that Bowie will be open with all this rain we've had.   We can go to Garrison Creek or Percy Warner if you want to ride away from Peartree.
At 8:59pm on May 8, 2011, Elayne said…

Hi.  Sierra is okay now if you want to get together and ride.  Just about any day is good for me.   I can come over to Peartree.



At 8:26pm on April 24, 2011, Elayne said…
Hi, sorry I haven't gotten back to you. On the 18th I came home to find Sierra's fetlock swollen and he was lame. I took him to the vet and he had a small puncture wound and it had become infected. (the tornado that went thru Dickson a couple of weeks back took down 6 trees on our small property, tore down a lot of our fencing, I'm assuming a piece of wire poked him) Anyway, the vet told me not to ride him til after May 1st. He is looking okay now, not lame or swollen, but I stll have to wait til after May 1st to ride. If you are interested, I can bring him over and ride in the arena with you then and let the guys get to know each other. Are you getting to come down to Peartree more often now that you are not working? Have you decided to keep Bobby?
At 9:08pm on April 14, 2011, Elayne said…

I understand.  I have fear problems too, especially if I don't know what kind of riding situation I'm getting myself into.   If you sell your horse, will you be buying another or getting out of horse ownership all together?   I don't feel like it would be safe for me to ride in Marshall's pastures if loose horses are in there. My guy probably would freak out if a strange loose horse came running up to check him out.

Let me know if you are ever interested in riding in the arena or on the trail at Bowie.    We can take it very slow and safe if you want to go to Bowie and only go on the wide Loblolly Loop.

At 1:40pm on March 23, 2011, Elayne said…
Hi,  it's nice to hear from you.  I've been riding as much as I could considering how cold it was this winter.  I don't really like riding in the cold.   Sure, I would love to ride with you sometime.  I'd like to go down to Bowie if possible.   Let me know when you are going to be at Peartree and I could come by and pick you up. I've been riding most Tuesdays at the training center in Mt Pleasant, but that day is flexible.  I try to take Sierra for a lesson at least one day a week.  Elayne
At 2:24pm on November 1, 2010, Elayne said…
Are you going to Peartree tomorrow?? (Tues)
At 3:45pm on October 27, 2010, Elayne said…
That's okay, I fully understand. My dad was in the hospital several days, yesterday my husband's stepdad had cancer surgery. I believe that's just how it is when you get 'our' age. I almost hate to plan anything with anyone because it's a roll of the dice whether or not I'll get to actually do it. I still go to the training center once or twice a week, but she's real flexible and let's me reschedule when these emergencies come up.
If you think you might be at Peartree any day next week, let me know and I'll come by to meet you.
At 6:29pm on September 19, 2010, Elayne said…
Jan, if you still want to ride some this fall, let me know the next time you will be at Peartree and I'll come over and we can meet and plan some ride time together. My email is tn3horses@aol.com
At 5:16pm on August 29, 2010, Elayne said…
Sounds ok to me. I know where Peartree is. I've stopped by there a few times in the past, most recently about a year and a half ago. Just give me a call or email when you want to ride.
At 4:36pm on August 27, 2010, Elayne said…
I live about 5 mnutes drive from Bowie. I'm sure I could come by and pick you up. Does you horse load well? Where do you board?
At 8:10pm on August 26, 2010, Elayne said…
Hi Jan, please drop me an email or call me 615-969-9390 and maybe we can meet at Bowie Park. Next week, I have a lesson at ETC on Monday and Wednesday, but can ride the other days. What days are good for you to ride?
At 5:18pm on April 23, 2010, Mike Murphy said…
Well, anyone can join the TTR website and unfortunately that goes for pill-pushin spammers too. I always BAN and delete them when I catch them so I'm sorry if it's a bit of a nuisance. I also have the ability to screen applying members until I "approve" them but I hope I don't have to start approving everyone, it'll be a bit of a hassle but I'll do it if the spammers become a big issue. Thanks for your understanding.

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