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I know I haven't been on much at all lately,but things are pretty hectic. I live in Murfreesboro now. My husband never found any work in Texas so he moved back her. My step daughter moved back here and brought her Texas boyfriend, but he just moved back to Texas. My horses are in a great place. My black mare that I always talked about...well, I had to put her down last year at this time.  It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. It was so sad because her colt kept nipping at her trying to get her to get up. I know her last day was one filled with love. She got a bath, carrots, apples, grain and was all prettied up. I know that she is now pain free running amonst the clouds, tail held high, nostrils flared. I sold my barrel horse to pay for the euthansia. I was down to one horse..the colt, when out of the blue someone GAVE me a pretty bay quarter mare. Anna-Belle or Annie. Man she is awsome. Goes over, up, through and around jsut about anything you ask her too. Farrier loves her, vet brags on her, clips, trims, shoes, loads like a flipp'n dream, lunges, and neck reins something awesome. In so many ways she is much like my old Gabby (black mare). She is level headed, doesn't spook. Can't find anything wrong with her yet. Only thing...while she is bottm of the totem pole in the pasture...you put a rider on her back and she is another horse. She doesn't like other horses around her rider. Very odd how she changes from docile to the max to fired up, ready to roll, protective mare.  I love her already. Won't ever replace Gabby, but she gives me something wonderful to have until the colt is ready for me to ride full time in another couple of years.

Oh, colt (aka Sonny) lunges, ties, clips, loads, and trims too. He has had a saddle, 3 yr old and a full grown woman on his back several times and never even though about bucking or anything. he thinks he is a dog, he tried to walk into my friend's house! 


Off to work my fellow horse lovers. Remember, treasure each day you wake up on top of the dirt. Treasure each moment with your loved ones, two and four legged. Treasure each breath you take and blink you make. Life is short and precious. God Bless!!

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