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Trail riders need recreation friendly legislators.  Certainly this is not the most pressing issue in Tn.  but important enough to demand some attention.  Jobs, prescription drug abuse (#2 in nation), senior citizen care (tn is 5th worse in nation) must be addressed.  It would be great if all twra management areas was opened to trail riding.  This is not to interfere with hunters but to allow trail rides access when hunting season is closed.  Ty Cobb and Brian Brewer both trail ride and support trail riders.

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Comment by Larry Brewer on October 21, 2012 at 1:16pm

I have had several calls about this post and can guarantee there will be more recreational opportunities after Ty and Brian are elected.  Yanahli land was given to the state of Tennessee for it to be a multi-purpose recreational area and a wildlife management area.  Twra is only managing the area for the state.  

I have had several calls about this post and can guarantee more recreational opportunities will be available after Ty Cobb and Brian Brewer are elected.  The National Park Service did a recreational study for the Yanahli area.  This study revealed equestrian opportunities were the most needed.  


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