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This is a tribute to Randy Mahaffa a man who we all loved and respected. A man who when he looked at the Buttercups on the mountain , the base of the rock at Eastfork, Snookys hill, or the top of the ridge of Sycamore and Hurricane, he would say “I don’t know how anybody could not believe in God”.

Even though I never met a lot of the people in his life, through memories he would talk about all the time. I always felt like I knew everyone. His stories were so detailed, I felt as if I were part of them, we all felt that way. He had a way of keeping life alive, not only were the stories fun but it seemed you could always learn something.
He totally amazed me, the detail he put into things he made, the things he did. His perfection was important to him. The doors on his barn , he bevelled the edges . The locks slides he made were perfect and smooth. I would touch the doors and look at him and smile and tell him he amazed me. He would say I was crazy.

The way he raised and broke his horses. Just look at PacMan never a more perfect horse, everything Randy asked of Pacman he did, the horse respected Randy and look how Beauty is turning out. That too is a statement of his life.
We were riding our young horses the last few months working with them teaching and bonding. Randy said “That is what the rewards are, not pride or showing off it was his favorite part of riding, building the respect of your horse and then the reward of the of the horse knowing what you ask of him and horse doing it with pride.

He was an amazing father he raised his kids with strong love and roots, amazing love of nature , not only did he teach the boys to hunt , but he taught his daughter also. Those roots were so strong , the kids are passing them down, the grandaughter hunt along with the grandson. He was very proud of that it tickled him so much this year when Ashley got her dear this year he couldn’t hardly wait to make the jerky. He was a father who didn’t judge, he loved supported and believed in them all. I’ve never seen a father that glowed as much with pride for his kids. He thought the sun rose and set in Punkin, his daughter. He was very proud of Randall they had more than a father and son relationship they had a friendship, and He worked side by side with Jeremy. He lived for his grandchildren , his whole being would light up when he thought about them , he shined when he was with them he would get almost giddy. When he talked about Cody coon hunting Miss Shelby riding horses pride was evident .

He was a friend to all. Clark Matthis was his best friend he considered him his brother they went thru it all together. Many nights he talked about either great memories or worried about him or how much he appreciated his friendship.
Alex was like a son to him, no matter where we were he would always answer the phone for Alex.
He had the most respect for Penny Stuart, Babs, Mrs Belinda , he said they always took good care of him.

He said Chase was the brains of us all . Ronnie was the greatest Mechanic ever lived . He was so happy for Marty and Angela. He always said Melissa and I had the true spirit of the horse.
He was always very thankfull Barbara came into his life when she did.
He always would say ridin with Ralph Gunter or Benny Lance was a ride of its own kind He would take a deep breath , cute little grin , cock his head and say “ ridin with them is like in Lonesome Dove when Gus looked at Capt Woodrow and said well Woodrow I guess this is where we see if they are cowboys or not.” The past couple of years he would say “ need to go to mtn and ride with Danny Hale” and then he would giggle and start sing Piggy in the pen. He called all the pretty women ridin horses “pony butts”.

Not only did he care about his friends he cared for his friends friends and families. My sons girlfriends, wives, our friends children and grandchildren. The children of vanderbuilt Hospital. Anyone on the trail having trouble, he would always stop and help , guide , teach them or fix something. He always made sure we all made it through every trail. All of this and the love for children just made his tender side shine.
Everywhere we went riding, working, whatever we would see someone he knew him, from coon hunters, childhood friends. Some times he would be really busy into what we were doing, he would give a little grunt and didn’t really want to stop I would tell him a it takes a good man to make a friend and memory give yourself this moment and them and let them enjoy it, there would always be a lot of laughter in the conversation and every body would walk away smiling and when they said good to see ya, ya know they meant it. This is just another way life itself showed what a good man he was and how much he is loved and respected. I would tell him see there Gus , thats why I call ya Gus. He was more loved, remember, respected, then any Texas Ranger. He was a true Troubador.

I don’t think there was a coon he couldn’t hunt, a holler or trail he didn’t know or couldn’t make. No matter how lost we thought we were, he always got us home.
I thank God for Randy. He taught us all so much. He taught some of us to shoe, ride, courage and to enjoy life with respect. The ones closest to him he taught us how to love. He is the only person in my life who made me see myself. He made me see myself through his love and eyes. He made me want to be a better person. I know God used Randy for many of us. God believed and trusted Randy to help us become better people. He made me see the bad choices I was making, bad parts of me that needed to be changed. God knew Randy was the only one that could do this job for him and Randy served the Lord well with this job.

This didn’t happen just for me, over the past years , Ive seen young men come to Randy confused, hurting, and angry after a couple of hours with Randy they walked away focused and headed in the right direction with peace.

If you’re a christian, your guided by the holy spirit, sometimes we let the things of this world, the talk, the pressure, push us in the opposite way that the holy spirit is telling us to do. So if you ever have a strong push feeling or spirit telling you to do something or say something do It. Right then and there no matter what don’t hold back.

If you have someone in you life love them 100%, only you know if its right, no one knows but you. If that person is right with your soul you know it. Our friends sometimes cant see it or feel it. We choose our friends to enjoy and share life with. The one we love is the one that completes our life.

We all have been very blessed to have Randy in our lives and we will all carry him within us forever. Pictures and memories are meant to be shared and that’s why I am putting this on here . No matter who you are post your pictures lets give this tribute to Randy. A troubador, great man that deserve it more than anyone Ive ever known.
Randy always said a saying that his dear friend Rick said all the time. “ Any som _______ that don’t like this is a Som _______ any way.

In Randys famous words:

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Comment by barbara williams on January 28, 2010 at 7:58am
Robin everything you said was so true. I never meet a man who love life so much, or ment so much to everyone he meet. The world lost a great man when he died. He was the love of my life no one will ever come close. We were all bleesed to have him in our life. I hope one day we can ride an share Randy stories. Take care Barbara
Comment by Jeromy Evans on January 27, 2010 at 8:20pm
I just notice your tribute , what a testimomy and a wonderful story !!! It was nice to know that you all are blessed with this special person, a family member and a horseman as well !! Life is full of trials and tribulations but with God, we can all make it through !! Thanks for sharing this , I'm sure anyone would be proud!!! Jeromy
Comment by Peggy "Punkin" Mahaffa Hamlet on January 27, 2010 at 3:30pm
Robin, thank you so much for saying such great things about my daddy. You did truly know him and got everything right. He tought us all so very much. I went to see him today and talked to him for a while. I miss him so much!! It's so hard to be strong all the time for everyone! I asked him to help me make the right decisions. Everyone says I am like my mom. But, I know I am like my daddy too. I always shot people straight and tell them what I think. No sugar coating it. I am also a perfectonist everything has to be right whether it's with work or whatever and I know I got that from him too. I have no regrets or worries about how my relationship was with daddy. I was always and will always be "his little " even though I am the oldest. He tought me to ride horses and loved it when I was little because I wasn't scared of any horse. Every time I hear that song "ride cowgirl ride" I think of him teaching me how to ride a horse. I also think of him teaching Miss Shelby. I am grateful that daddy did have someone who loved him like you. Thank you so much. I appreciate you and you will always be a great friend. Love you always, Punkin
Comment by Audrey Faye Rody on January 3, 2010 at 8:50pm
What a wonderful tribute, beautifully written,what a special friend he must have been!!!! Thank You for sharing this with us!!!!! God Bless,Audrey

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