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I am a real estate agent specializing in horse properties. I own horses and if there is a horse event going on somewhere around the Middle Tennessee area...good chances are I am there! Having horses myself, I know what makes a property a horse property, when working with buyers and sellers I focus on the horse friendly details! Let me share a pet peeve I have if you don't mind, and I may do this from time to time...
I listed a property a few days ago which had been listed previously and the previous listing showed "4" photos!!! Unbelievable!!! Two were of the front of the house,one a distant shot of the outside of one barn and a pic of one pasture!! We have room to put "20" photo's on our info,DID YOU HEAR ME??? 20!!!! There were none of the 27 stalls...yes 27 stalls!!! 5 crosstiebays, 1 washbay, a hay barn, 7 pastures with 2 ponds!!!At this point I am aghast!!!! I am thinking to myself...where is horse property representation here!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!
Every month we go through and handpick horse properties for the entire Mid Tenn area and soooo many times there is no picture of the barn, the barns not mentioned, it may have a barn but you dont know if its fenced, how much is "in pasture", one barn(called a barn) was actually a 12x12 storage shed!! Some properties aren't turnkey horse properties but they have horse potential, and more than once I have been told that its nice to work with someone who knows the difference!
I dont mean to knock any hard working agent...but you've heard the saying different strokes...well,specialized agents for specialized properties!
If your looking to buy or sell...please call myself at 615-489-3962 or my partner Angela at 615-489-5391 ...or make sure the agent you work with owns,knows, loves horses and focuses on that quality!
When ya get a chance...stop by and visit us at www.TENNESSEEHORSEPROPERTIES.net we are continually working on it and adding to it to make it better!
Remember "It doesn't matter the breed...they all smell the wonderful same"

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Comment by Lecia Johns on January 21, 2011 at 5:21pm
Wow  I am shocked somebody else spells their name like mine. I was named after my great grandmother and her name was Felecia.  Tell your step daughter she is not alone anymore getting crazy pronunciation of her name.
Comment by julie on October 18, 2009 at 9:13am
I would get so frustrated looking at properties with "horse facilities" that all turned out to be a couple of acres of gullies and thick woods. No fencing, maybe a small shed. The realtors we dealt with would say, "oh you could turn it into a nice pasture"!! Maybe 10 years and $80,000 later!
Comment by Tennessee Horse Properties on October 14, 2009 at 9:28pm
Mike that would be awesome and Linda thank you for the encouragement!! I am so excited about this sight I have been telling everyone!!!!!! There is just something special about horses and the folks who love them!
Comment by Linda Grajewski on October 14, 2009 at 5:16pm
Hi Lisa, as an X realtor I know what your talking about. Also, when we made the move to middle TN it took over a year to find the right place. We moved from near New Orleans and at that time if a property was desirable and priced right it would sell before I could get up to see it. In a tough market like this you need to give sellers every advantage possible.
My neighbor is going to be selling her place. Her husband passed away a couple of months ago. I am afraid she is going to have a tough time of it. She has 9ac, barn, fencing and the house has 1400 living. It is move in condition, very attractive and in a great location where it is the smallest home by far. I think she is considering David Jent as her listing agent. Good luck, it sure would have helped us to have an agent who truly understood our needs and motivation.
Blessings, Linda
Comment by Mike Murphy on October 14, 2009 at 12:37pm
Lisa, we have had people list equine properties for sale on this website, in the CLASSIFIEDS section. The interest in selling and buying property seems to be growing, would it help you if we expanded the classifieds to include a "property" category allowing you and others to list them here for our growing 1,500+ members?

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