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Hello fellow horse lovers,

We've had a very sad week.  Our 15 year old Rocky Mountain horse broke his hip while we were camping/riding last weekend. Ten minutes into an easy ride Dingus went completely down and rolled over on my 12 year old son's leg. My son is fine physically but is devastated.  We called our vet. It took time for him to get to us, and there was nothing he could do but put our dearly loved horse down. Dingus was our "everything" horse.  He was surefooted, careful with any rider and would do anything and everything that was asked of him.  There is no way he can ever be replaced in our family.  My horse is 22 and I plan to retire him after this.  I can't imagine the same thing happening to him.  My daughter's horse is 20....we don't get rid of our animals when their usefulness is over.  I am asking if there is anyone who has an extra gaited trail horse they don't want to winter or just don't use, to consider letting us make it part of our family.  I've rescued horses over the years and given them to good families.  I'm hoping someone out there can help us this time. You can email me at wdnfrn@yahoo.com or call 423- 401-4317.  We live on Dayton Mtn., in Pikeville, Tn.  The call won't be long distance from anywhere.  

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