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I'm looking for a naturally smooth gaited (no pace or trot) horse to trail ride that will ride alone and with other horses without any problems. The horse must be gentle and calm natured. I prefer a palomino, champagne, buckskin or chocolate w/flaxen mane & tail that is 15.1 hands tall and under. The most I can afford to spend is $1,300.00

If you have what I'm looking for please let me know.

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Comment by Mike King on March 9, 2010 at 9:02am
Have you looked at Striker on the classifieds? I will make you a good deal...
Comment by Linda Grajewski on February 24, 2010 at 7:09am
Check with Melanie Kenney on this site. She has a friend in North Alabama that has to sell her horses and one is a palomino Missouri Fox Trotter.
Comment by Lucy Eastman on February 24, 2010 at 12:05am
If no one has answer your request you need to check out other internet that sell horses.
www.horsetopia.com, and www.equineusa.com I think. and www.golsn.com I know they got horses on that one for sale, they may be in TN. the horsetopia always has horses. good luck hunting.
Comment by Lee Wilson on February 21, 2010 at 6:02am

We are only asking $400.oo now just check her out please
Comment by Lee Wilson on February 20, 2010 at 6:15am
We have a spotted saddle horse 3 year old filly. She has only had ground training & is a "pistol". She is probably not the horse for you, but with the right trainer she could be?? The only reason I posted here is we would take $400.oo , 'so you might consider "Dixie" . My thought is that you might get her & use some of the rest of the money to put her with a good trainer & end up with a good young horse ! If you are interested please let me know. d13lee@hotmail.com or post on my page here
Comment by ReubenT on February 19, 2010 at 10:20pm
Your probably looking for a TWH, as they are good horses generally and some are gaited quite smooth, and by far the most commen round these parts. Or option of rocky mtn or Mo fox trotter or paso fino.
I started looking at the gaited horse world around 10 years ago to see what they were like, I rode a few as I had oppertunity. What I find is tremendous variety. And greatly varying styles of gait and smoothness. In general the best ones, those who're the most fun to ride and the most enjoyable, are the highest priced ones. But with some looking it is posible to find some reasonably good ones for not too much. Specially since the econimy has lowered the percieved value of non necesities. Personally I rode a few TWH and a few paso finos, which are the most commen ones in the south east, and I prefered the paso fino. But I go to the paso shows and, although I enjoy watching them, I cannot imagine enjoying riding most of them on the trails, and it's because of a devision in the breed. The show people love the very short stepping very hot natured type, it's a real thrill to ride them, that feeling of power/energy I guess. I've rode a couple like that and as a trail rider I don't care for it. But after some time spent watching the discussions on web groups I found a different line of paso fino that is entirely different. If I didn't know better I'd say it was a different breed. But they're more like the speed racking horses, except a few differences that I think makes them better, at least certain individules of them. The first time I rode one I said to my self "that's the kind of horse I want" That was 5 years ago. So a year and a half ago one that was related to the first one I rode was for sale in FL for about half what they used to be, and I considered, but didn't do anything, a year later he's still avalible so I had oppertunity to take a trip and went down to visit. I rode him and found him as good or even better than his uncle was.
Went on down to visit the lady that is mostly responsible for this particular line and rode one of her mares in a little clinic, she wasn't quite as nice as he was. So I bargained to buy him, and I'm payin for his food till I get back down there. Which I thought I'd be able to do after a few weeks. But delay after delay happens and finally I'm getting close. Another month and I think I'll be ready.
Have to sell a certain car to finance it, and said car has it's quirks, and title issues, etc. But title is finally officially in my name and I got the quirks down to a minimum, so it's ready to go finally. Somebody will soon get themselves a nice plugin electric auto with generator range booster to play with. And then I'll do a little stuff to one of the trucks sittin here and take the stock trailer down to FL. So my casual search through the gaited horse breeds and within breeds has finally put me where I think I'm getting the best horse I can find in the world for trail riding. And then I'm planning on hittin the trails every chance I get, between getting regular work done of course. And gradully building up to multi day trips with a pack horse as i can collect the equipment. and I suppose my half arab might be able to carry a pack, if his trot don't rattle everything to pieces. He's got quite a stride to him, might be able to keep up with a speed largo horse at average trail gait. Will probably have to pack light and secure the pack really well, because packing is usually done at a walk.
nuff ramblin fer now.

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