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Hi there everyone...this is my first post on here as I am new to TTR and fairly new to Tennessee as well...we live in Lewisburg (my family and I) and Fountain Creek is the closest to us for trailriding...if you are planning to ride there in the coming weeks and don't mind us tagging along,could you please let me know??? We would like to go the first time with someone who knows the trails. During the week would be better  because the kids would be in school. There are usually 8 of us when we ride,kids and all,but would like to go just us adults the first time out :) There would be 3 or 4. So if you help us out, it would be greatly appreciated...thanks a bunch and happy trails!!

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Comment by Audrey Faye Rody on September 20, 2012 at 10:08pm

Tisha, I ride at Fountain Creek pretty often and would'nt mind taking you around there. The trails are a bit over grown with brush,and I'm sure very muddy with all the rain we've had recently. But if you still want to go, I could meet and ride with you next week. E-mail me at audrey.rody@hotmail.com and letme know ok? Thanks, Audrey Rody

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