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Found home for abandoned and neglected dog

George and I were down in Live Oak, FL for the Suwannee New Years Ride when I happened to see a small dog at the stables. Jared, the stable manager had found this little female dog in the woods on Christmas Day and took her to his home. Now this dog was the sweetest dog that absolutely loved everyone and everything. Just one of the reason why I took her. Unfortunately she had not been as loved by her previous owner. She had mats so thick on her body that clipping her was next to impossible. And several clippers later I had to go to scissors. The mats on her legs were 2/3 an inch thick. NO EXAGGERATION. It was a heart sickening sight. As severe as she was she still had a beautiful disposition. Went to visit Tim and Kay Hill in Muscle Shoals and found out from Kay that a friend of hers had had a kidney transplant and was very lonely. He was home with no company day in and day out. The family was looking for a companion to keep him company. Kay called his family and told them about the dog I now called Sassy and they quickly accepted her sight unseen even knowing they would have to take her to the grooming shop. I haven't heard back and am going to wait 2 weeks before asking about Sassy. It was very hard leaving her. Even now it's hard not to cry. But I sure hope she gives this man wonderful days.

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Comment by Rita Bruner on January 14, 2009 at 6:24pm
Hi Kim, Doing ok. George's mom passed away Nov. 15, and we are very busy with her estate.
How's everyone doing? Rita
Comment by MARK & KIM on January 14, 2009 at 5:41pm
Hello Rita, How are you doing this winter?

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