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My family and I have reservations, cabin, and 5 stalls, for 5 days at Circle E Guest Ranch. We have never ridden there before. I just wanted to ask how are the trail there and how are the stalls? Our horses are used to 12x12 stalls, 3 of the horses we are taking are 15.3 to 16h. Can any one tell me about the trails or the stalls? We are from Ohio, moved here a year and a half ago, we camped in Ohio, we used our living quarters trailers and tie lined. We are used to hills, but our horses haven't ridden hills since back in Ohio, so for the first day we want to take it easy on them and us lol. Thanks

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Comment by Anita Johnson on October 10, 2013 at 9:54pm

well, we are in our late 60's!  We like staying on the old side best with the exception of the bathhouse!  We don't have full living qtrs. So, we just drive over to the "new" side to take showers.

Of course, the cabins are on the "old" side. Most of the trails are pretty easy.  the only one I do not like is the one going up to the trailhead at the sawmill side.  It is sorta steep with rocks.  Going up is not too bad, but would not go down it at all.  If you stick with the "gray" trails, they are plenty wide and easy riding.  We start at #41 on north side of sawmill, ride to Pretty Place, over to the cabin at #74 on around to 71 to 92 and around to #65.  Often turn around and backtrack.  these are #'s on your map.  We also like to ride #41 thel left at 42  and on to Richard's Place and the Tree house.  I don't thin you can take #54 anymore so backtrack to #53 and down to the Tree House & Shed.  It can get confusing on this ride but it is pretty.  Hope it does not rain much cause can make lots of mud at Circle E.  The new owners of the sawmill have caused some pretty muddy areas after a big rain.  We rode with Best of America by Horseback there in the rain & survived with great trail bosses!  You can go into Winchester & shop some.  Ask for directions to Hammers - a big discount outlet - which may technically be in Decherd (can't tell when you leave one & enter the other) Lots of folks say the B-B-Q restaurant on Winchester Square is awesome. (John ???) We often get b-b-q ribs from Kroger as they grill lots of weekends.  Cabins do have nicely supplied kitchen & an awesome view from the back deck!  Hope you all enjoy.  Christine in the office is soooo nice!

Oh yes Indian Rock is an amazingly huge rock.  it is pretty neat to see as well.  The hardest thing for us is figuring out whether to go right or left when you get to the #'s cause we are not great map readers!  have fun & be safe!  We had planned to go this weekend cause we are only 45 minutes away, but something came up.  happy Trails! 

Comment by Marsha Brestle on October 9, 2013 at 3:06pm

Thanks Anita, I believe we are stalled on the old side. We are not so young either, my husband and I are in our late 50's. Our daughter, grandson, he's 17, and our niece 14, will be with us. We have been riding for 10 years. We like a challenge every now and then, but sometimes we like to take things slow and easy. Thanks for the info and if you think of anything else we should know let us know

Comment by Anita Johnson on October 8, 2013 at 9:34pm

We have ridden, camped and stayed there many times.  Are you on the "new side" or "old side" ?  We have stayed on both sides of the highway.  The new cabins are very nice.  You will like them.  they have one bunkhouse that we have been told is nice, clean, comfortable but it is not as nice as the two newer cabins.  We like the stalls on the cabin side.  I think your horses will be fine.  The stalls on the new side are OK too.  We really like riding on the "sawmill" side.  the maps are pretty good.  We started out riding so far and turning around and going back the way we came just so we would not get lost.  There are some beautiful nature spots.  As we are not young, we do not ride but a couple of hours in the morning and again late afternoon.  They have a nice restaurant open on weekends except during organized rides & it is open more.  the office side has more challenging trails. (I am a fairly new rider, so challenges are not my favorite)  The staff are very friendly and helpful.  think you will really enjoy it.  just keep your map handy.   

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