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Buck Moth Catipillar Stings Be Aware

Has anyone ever been stung by one of these guys.Find out more on the internet.These guys look harmless, but boy do they pack a sting. If you are out on the trail or in camp be awhere,these guys hang out on the bark of trees,recently Memorial wknd a young friend of mine was in camp tied his gelding up on a tree went back to untie his horse and he touched this brown catippillar with the inside of his wrist,he howlered and said something just stung him,we ran to invesigat,we thought it was bees or something we looked on the bark of the tree and there was this weird looking catipillar he looked spinny and dark brown in color but he looked different.He had like little horn spikes on him.His arm swelled  with welps and fire red. We had no idea what this guy was he felt nausea,sick to stomache all at once. We put bee sting salve on him and gave him some benadrill for nausea. We took the catipillar and put him a water bottle for evidence for sting.He said his arm was on fire the bee sting salve helped, and the benadrill,  we later found out about this catipillar has a sting equall to a lot of bee stings,this guys spikes set into your skin like a porcapine and the only way to remove the stingers is to put tape on youe wound and rip out the stingers,or they will stay in your skin causing skin irratation possibly scaring like welp burns on your skin,our friend is ok  but please be aware what looks like a harmless catipillar could be a Buck Moth Catipillar witch secrets poison and stings are painful and can cause bronchial closures in the throat so for all the little cowgirls and cowboys be aware what looks like a catipillar might not be .Just thought I would pass this info a long be safe out there.Look this up on google under Buck Moth Catipillar

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