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Big Rattlesnake killed near Readyville, Tn near Woodbury and Halls Hill Pike Caution Be Aware

Be aware cowboys and cowgirls  These rattlesnakes are out there this year and they have gone silent. I got a e-mail tonight and some people are noticeing rattlesnakes more and more .These guys are the silent types they are not rattling this year riders be ware ,hunters, farmers friends and family .My e-mail friend said they have killed a total of 57 rattlesnakes since mid-may.A neighbor of theirs got bit twice by the same snake in one day before she could get a way. Shes going to make it but the snake that bit her did not give any warning .These snakes have become silent so they cant be heard , much more dangerous, than before.They have killed numorous snakes this year so be careful out there. Tha woman that got bitten she has had 22 anti-venoms and has finally returned home but she still has a chance of loosen her foot or her leg because of a snake bite she was hospitalized for five days. Just Be Aware they are silent not always rattle a warning.

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