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Well no body appears eager to by my land. So.
Let’s try something else to appease my creditors.
I have a field that runs beside the creek large enough to put a trailer park on, don’t call if that intrigues you, no, along with a barn a field to live on or keep horses on. Plus the “Sycamore Girls” ride their horses over the trails through my land and on to friendly neighbors making for a good ride. I have 60 acres. Did I mention the due to be finished after many years one room log cabin on top of my land that would make an excellent retreat. No hunting.
The creek runs dry at the barn but half way along the aforementioned field it’s fed from another spring that gave me enough water to water the garden I had throughout the drought last year I pumped it out.
I have a Yurt that I live in once in a while this of course could function as a meeting place/sleeping place for small groups. The “Sycamore Girls” suggested Ladies horse riding retreats church groups .
I am of course open to suggestion.
I live at 3908 Sycamore Creek, Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee.
16 miles from Woodbury 53 North to the County line with Dekalb turn left on to Sycamore Creek and I’m 3.5 miles on the left. 18 miles to Watertown and about the same to Murfreesboro using 96.
Nashville 60/70 !

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Comment by Teri Parks on June 19, 2009 at 9:35am
how much would you charge to lease or do you have to sell? Is there water/sewer available?
Comment by Diane Hyatt on June 4, 2009 at 1:46pm
Hi David, Are you interested in a total buy out or possibly interested in a home trade towards the purchase of this property? Thanks, Diane Hyatt
Comment by Mike Murphy on June 1, 2009 at 11:36pm
David, you should consider posting your land for sale in the CLASSIFIEDS/PRODUCTS (on this website) so the message will reach more people. You can also post pictures along with your ad.

Good luck friend,
Mike Murphy

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