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New Group

Hi Folks

I'm not good at this computer stuff but I put up a group called south east tn trail riders

if anyone has any input , help, and will join please do so. I hate riding alone and looking

for folks to ride with this yr, i'm now out o the military due to injury in iraq and want to

get on with my life meet new people and find ones I made when i was home on leave.

i love the smokies and big creek west nc alot of nice places to ride just would be nice to get up with… Continue

Added by Sam Millsaps on March 25, 2009 at 12:31am — 4 Comments

Looking for 1 poc 2 rocky mnt or a rocky mnt / ky mnt horses (s)

Hi Folks:

I'm back from Iaq now and had been n the QH performance aspect and due to injuries

I'm wanting to sell out or trade out for one or two of the horses I indicated above, since

I'm still waiting on my pay to become regualr and my disability to start I'm not rich. I

want to ride so bad this year and have nothing to ride, all I have is QH's 1 stallion whos a finished reiner

and 2 mares that have babies now and due for another in may , ones a buckskin and so… Continue

Added by Sam Millsaps on February 19, 2009 at 9:16pm — 10 Comments

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