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Enjoyed my weekend at Circle E!!

What a surprisingly great weekend we had at Circle E Ranch.  They offered some of the best facilities that I have seen including spacious campsites with water and electricity and SHADE, a variety of easy to challenging trails, the cleanest bathrooms/showers I have EVER seen and a clubhouse/lodge that featured a live band, drinks, buffet breakfast and about 170 beautiful stalls. As a bonus, they gave everyone who was a member of the Tennessee Trail Riders website a 15% discount.

My wife and I arrived late on Friday night and experienced some electricity issues but Ray Evans, the owner, was there within minutes to give me an adapter that worked beautifully.  The Friday night party was a great experience talking to other horse lovers and listening to live music.  I was totally entertained with dancing, chatting and sharing horse stories with new friends.  On Saturday we started out about 10:00 AM with a 6 hour ride.  We were lucky to have Mark, one of the guides, with us although it was NOT a guided tour.  Although the course we took was for an intermediate rider, Mark point out some challenging hills and rock jumps for anyone who wanted to participate.  What a blast it was to watch people working with their horses to tackle some of the off-trail obstacles.  We finished up around 4:00 and continued to tour the facility on horse back checking out the cabins, shaded campsites, cliff views, etc.  It's a really nice place with lots to do and see.

It rained like cats and dogs on Saturday night but it was fun hanging out in the trailer enjoying a couple glasses of wine and listening to the rain splash onto the aluminum roof.  All of the campsites seemed close to the stalls so we were able to check on and care for our horses without a problem. 

If you haven't been there yet, I'd strongly recommend the Circle E.  The facility and the staff seem devoted to making sure that everyone has a good time. 

Cheers and happy trails,

Mike Murphy

Last updated by Mike Murphy Jul 14, 2009.

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