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Gloria, the site name may be misleading....just a typo, I'm sure. But, nothing better at trails end than good friends, warm camp fire and a white russian.

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no mistake... call me and i will explain... the owner of this web site called it.....
Not horseless...still have my Foxtrotter mare. What's happening in Elkmont? Not sure if I'll make Why Not ride or not. Have some conflicts on that weekend. After this weekend, I'm sure I'll have Spring Fever and be ready to ride. Hope to catch up with you on a ride soon.

Jill, Lorrie is going to Why Not Ranch next weekend and I'm thinking about ditching other plans and going too. Hope you can come.
Yeah this website is a little tough to navigate. You can leave messages here, or comments under gangs or in a personal inbox. Kinda makes my head spin. Another thing is having to scroll down so far to find stuff. I am not used to forum pages being so long. Guess I'll get used to it tho.
Jill I got my hav a heart pad, but had a very strange low BS at work before I was to leave and didn't get out of there until 7 or so, just got home tonight about 7 45. So I haven't had a chance to play with it.


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