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Finally had time to sit down and add a comment. I am Sonya, one of the original SHOT. I have 2 daughters, Olivia - 14, and Anna - 9. Anna and I ride spotted saddlebreds and Olivia is my "english" She rides a quarter/arab mare only an owner could love. We ride anywhere or any time the group goes. We are active in 4-H and Girl Scouts, so we squeeze in a ride as often as possible. I am the weakest rider in our bunch and probably the reason for our name. Meet you on the trails.......Sonya

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I Love You Sonya.......SHOT
Hey Sonya, you know I have hit the ground, too! At least you recover faster than me! lol Of course you don't have as far to fall with Bella being shorter than Little Rock. See ya this afternoon! SHOT!
Hey if you have an pics of me riding with you guys could you send them to me? tncharm1@bellsouth.net


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