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Cross Roads Cowboy Church will be hosting Wild Horse Ministries.


Cross Roads Cowboy Church 9460 Missionary Ridge Rd.  Bon Aqua, TN 


Friday Night Sept. 30th at 6:30 am. 


Free Admission- Bring Lawn Chairs-Concessions Available


Don't miss this exciting horse event. Paul Daley will work a 2 year horse and deliver a message.  He develops a relationship with this horse and shows us how God wants to build a relationship with each of us.  In two hours, he will have a relationship with the horse.


For more information:  www.crossroadscowboychurchnews.com


God Bless,


Don Smith

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If you love horses, don't miss this event.  It is amazing to watch Paul Daley work with a horse and relate it to how God works with us.  Free Admission- Bring Lawn Chairs  Friday Night Sept. 30th 6:30 pm


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