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Does anyone have directions to the trailhead at Franklin State Forest? Also, is the trail head easily accessable for large rigs? I seen somewhere that there is a camping allowed there too, is horse camping allowed?  Thanks! Kris

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Big rigs, well you park in the grass, You have to up I 24 get off Swannee exit, head toward St. Andrew turn left near the airport follow it around you will see asign, about the fire tower that it stop and park. I have small trailer some from Manchester takes big rigs. I am not sure to camp there..

Not sure on camping check with the man over the fire tower, he will have map. Hope you can cross some those water falls they got rubber under the rocks so they don't slip, been awhile sence we been up there. Becareful there might be some bee active. I was down the valley near Manchester and got attacked by bees, my horse took the sting I got few, so take some sting kill.or tobbac or some thing else be prepared. Good luck,be safe. Lucy Eastman

I didn't realize they allowed hunting there.  That's good to know...thanks!




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