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OK, I know about Percy Warner and Bowie Parks.  I LOVE them!  Where else can I easily get to and ride in one day?  What are your favorite places to ride in and around Nashville?

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Have you ridden on the Trace trails?  What are they like? 
Sue, I tried to respond to this from my phone earlier and I don't see it here so I will type it again.  I apologize if this gets posted twice!  My limited experience with the Trace trails is that they are rocky, narrow, and not well marked.  Thank goodness I was on a horse belonging to someone else.  That was the trail from Garrison Creek.  The other trails I have been on in Leipers Fork were good, but I had someone that knew where she was at all times otherwise I couldn't have found my way.  I did ride one time down at Many Cedars which is just off the Trace.  I refer to that ride as the "Ride From Hell".  It was dangerously steep and we got lost and went in circles!

Hmmm --- I will be in the area starting in June and hope to investigate as many trails as I can -- I am aware of Percy Warner and Bowie Park -- will be living just off the trace near one of the trailheads -- I would love to meet a few riding buddies -- will be able to ride any day.  I have never ridden any of the trails in the area, so it will all be new to me.  As June approaches I will try to interest you in a ride.  Thanks for your response -- any info will be helpful.



Sue, I'm originally from middle TN and will be back in the area visiting for 2 weeks at the end of May, first of June (May 27-June 10). I will have 3 of my horses with me and plan to ride lots. Our family farm is also near the Trace so I'm hoping to ride there some as well as some of the other places I've heard of (Laurel Hill, Many Cedars, Williamsport Lakes). There is also some riding on the family farm property where I'll be staying. I have some names of some people I've met on this site who offered to ride with me at their places and at some of the public places. I am so excited to do some good trail riding during those two weeks! I will call you if you'll email me your cell number (I kind of hate to post my cell number on this public forum...). Check out my page so you'll understand a bit about me and find out why I'll be in the area. Gerry Lundgren  (email: gerrylun@myfmtc.com). I hope we can meet and ride. I'd love to develop a group of friend who ride because I visit middle TN several times a year usually.

Gerry,  I would love the chance to ride in many of those places you mentioned!  If you are looking for someone to join in, just e-mail me (theliedtkes@comcast.net).  Also, you can check out my page.  I'm excited about that!!


HI,  I've been to Rails to Trails in Ala.  My ride was short (due to my husband coming and not wanting to ride!). The best time would be when it is not busy with bikers/walkers as they share the same trail.  I had gone on an early Sunday morning and no one was around.


Please let me know when you go riding as I would love to meet.  Heard Stones River Trails is nice (Murfreesboro) but only an 8 mile ride along the dam. 



I've never been to either of those places!  Would love to go, but Sunday is definitely church day for us.  I usually ride Monday through Friday.  Saturday is the one day I get with the husband.
I can go almost any time during the week with a little notice.  Just let me know!!  thanks,  Diane Hyatt
Well haven't gotten to go with all this blinking rain!!!  I was out of town last week, so I am ready to ride and now it is raining.  Also, with this much rain I don't usually ride the day after.  I give it a day to dry out and firm up a little.  One of my horses lost a shoe in the pasture.  Oh, well.  Perhaps by the end of the week...........

Hi, I will be in the Nashville area for most of June, looking for someone to do some trail riding with -- don't know the trails.  I will be near the Trace.  If anyone is available, please post --



One of my favorite trails is around Cordell Hull Lake, in Granville, TN. (Not far from Carthage).  I live in Lebanon and have been to Cedars of Lebanon park, but the trail is awfully rocky.  Another nice ride is East Fork near Smyrna, not far off of I-840.
I have heard that Cedars of Lebanon is very rocky also.  I have never ridden it.  It takes over an hour for me to get there from my house.  Could you tell me where the trail is and how you get to it at East Fork near Smyrna?  I don't think I've heard of that one.


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